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Greetings Japanese citizens.

As you have probably seen, Shiro has stepped down from the position of Emperor and has ped that title to me.

Thus, I wish to write an article reporting on the recent and current events regarding Japan.

Foreign Affairs and War

Japan is currently engaged in a lot of conflicts. First and foremost with Ukraine, and we also expect declarations of war from Georgia and South Korea, so let us ready ourselves. The conflict in South America in which Japan has attacked Venezuela is Japanese aid to our close allies from Taiwan. Before this escalates further, we will try to settle it by diplomacy.

The war with Portugal is a training war which we have made in accordance with the Portuguese Government. You can read more on the treaty between Japan and Portugal here: LINK

The war with the United States of America is also a training war which was beforehand agreed upon by our two Governments. We also have a mutual Japan-USA chat room on Discord where we hang out together and plan our coordinated actions, if you wish to join please contact me and I shall give you a link to the chat room since the invite links last only for one day.

The newly formed Government of India has approached Japan and after several conversations we have agreed to keep close relations and to start giving India some regions which will have them prosper, so please do not hit in the RWs against India, unless said otherwise. 

Regarding Foreign policies, I will continue from where Shiro left with small adjustments. 

Quite recently Japan has made new allies with whom we also signed MPPs:


We have had a bumpy road over the past several days in the WOLF alliance. Two high-ranking individuals from certain countries (I will not name them) did not want to follow alliance orders which, absolutely unnecessarily, led to us losing some battles and led to an exchange of strong words. This has caused Shiro to resign from the MC position and has shaken relations between Japan and some members. Hopefully this can be left behind and Japan will continue to show what allies mean to us.

Internal Affairs

Regarding our government there won't be any drastic changes;

Prime Minister and Minister of Defense: Shiro 
Minister of Foreign Affairs: joanj90 
Governor: Rapin
(Eternal) Minister of Education: synhro

Japanese Government is seeking for active players who want to help us lead our great nation so do not hesitate to send messages.

One of the first internal policies will be to re-start commerce between the Government and the people. This will be an igniter to bring back more fluidity to our monetary market so I will also ask for people to be active in this sector and not to hesitate for explanations.

For Amaterasu members, we have decided to change our uniforms. The new ones give more liberty regarding personalization since the old ones looked too small sadly.
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If you need help making your new avatar, contact me or synhro.

Until next time,

Emperor of Japan, nakituminayashi


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【Japan Emperor】Foreign and Internal Report
Japan se umirit ne moze !!!
So close to joining you..
Malo vam je pickast ovaj novi avatar... Jeste mogli nesto muzevnie?
Some improvements are obvious, but this is still not enough. Japanese Government is still hiding the true about a current status of Japanese economy, failure on Monetary Market, bad relations between players, corruption, without transparent spending public resources, losing the wars, ruining reputation of Japan in the world, leaving the country - many old and first day players already left Japan, etc New CP have a hard task now, and I doubt about his willingness to start solving a numerous issues made by previous Government, especially because he was a part of this Gov. Right now, Japan is so far of previous glory. I can only admit, that I am surprised why Asian states still support the sinking ship, when there is no will to change a catastrophic course in economy and politics. Uchiha Shisui Former Japanese Governor
Shisui Uchiha thank you for your concern. Everyone who feels that work of the Japanese Government is flawed and can be imporved has every right to send their feedback to me and we will consider it.
Nakituminayashi. Although we had a many personal disagreements in the past, I still wish you a good luck and want you to be a better Emperor than a previous one. Also, today I will left the position of CP in Germany, so I hope that a new CPs of our countries will have a better cooperation then previous.
vV Factual and informative..I have no fear for Japan with you on its helm.