Beyond the limits - sugestion for admin

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Instead Nacional ranking you can create Country points list ( I think it would be a lot more interesting). 
The sum of points of all players from one country will be Country points.

Of course you can count this player LuCiFeR as an independent state.


Djula1Don Juan CorleoneTatsuo3BEPthekrekcHusina komsinicaHusina komsinicaHusina komsinicaHusina komsinicaHusina komsinicaSejdaSejdaSejdaSejdaSejdaNephalemPLBiHPLBiHPLBiHPLBiHPLBiHD 28Bosnia soldierRafa SoldadoRafa SoldadoRafa SoldadoRafa SoldadoRafa SoldadoArawacoArawacoEl ComegenteBosnia soldierurban_boyCaballero NegronunogomezAstronautzmajcek1995Jordan1552Atena StarktolgakskJuniorSopranoJuniorSopranoJuniorSopranoVladyslausQuifshaManAztekCaruao

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