What Baltic Union will and will not tolerate!

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Baltic Union in last few months have really been very hurtful... Why ? A lot players left game, there was Denmarks occupation, where we reached for agreement and came out friendly (at end they even did not returned our regions fully, but since we were lazy for fighting I tolerated that, yet that could be a reason for questioning if agreement was not broken and 1000g compensation for side which breaks it could be asked - I still tolerated it and in name of peace keeped my mouth)...

But then on verge of freeing our regions when we reached Lithuania... suddenly Serbia appeared in borders by attacking freed Lithuanian region and conquering.
Ofcourse my first reaction was to PM Serbian CP. There was no answer.
Then second thing happened - Serbian DoW law aginst Estonia which is currently thrown keeper of Baltic Union.
Third thing was devasteful - attack to Samogitia region - already freed and reunited region with Baltic Union.

When this last third point battle was closing in... one Serbian congress member contacted me personally asking what is my problem and informing that they just want saltpeper resource region...

Let me say just one sentence -

I will not tolerate attack and then speak tactics!

if anyone wants to negotiate about Baltic Unions resources and regions - free feel to talk - Im always open for talks and negotiations!
And by the way - Baltic Union currently is officially without any alliance, so if anyone wants to cooperate with us - feel free to contact with me personally... (our current alliance is just for doing DOs)

Baltic Union CP,



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As Denmark, we officially answer you to get your regions and after that we didn t fight since that RW s. But it is not our foult that you can t open rw s at your regions. So don t blame Denmark. ps. at agreement there was a clause that all of your allied countries dont hold any scandinavia region and that time your ally Bosnia hold more than one region. So because of that clause we didn t give you a positive answer when you first ask.
@ Hadriel Like I said - I can tolerate that because we were lazy and I dont blame you and I dont see it as broken agreement... Im still happy that Denmark signed peace treaty and we are where we are! @ thekrekc You should better answer to PMs not act as troll...
Well done today, old friend o7
see you on battlefields Smile
Lol gl
fail move by serbia just beacause they were ignorant about Baltic Union regions and probably they didnt even care about even tho it used to be their ally. Pity to see this waste of Damage between former allies just because some ppl didnt care to ask around
En realidad a nosotros nos vale madre #WDGAF
drrektare popu šimi
We were talking about you on eparty radio show Cheeky find out by watching us Wink