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My first suggestion was approved by some, and hated by others. I will now write a second suggestion that is somewhat different from the first one. Hopefully a bigger percentage of you will accept it, and we can integrate it in the game. Let me just say that taking strength from anyone that got it in the Event is not an option. Ok so the modified suggestion is this: 

There really is no  strength max. Each day on day change, you would lose some strength (amount of strength you lose depends of your current strength). Lets say you have that maximum of 2000, you would lose 20 strength per day. But if you had strength 500-599 you would lose 5 strength / day.  If you strength is bellow 100 you wouldn't lose anything. Keep in mind that if you want to get past the 500 strength barrier you would need at least Q2 Workout area, for 1000 Strength barrier you would need a Q3 Workout area (as you would lose 10 strength daily) and so on.

The part that is different is this - Houses would reduce strength that is being decreased daily. Having a house Q1 would reduce strength loss by 2, Q2 by 4, Q5 by 10. What that means is If you have 2000 strength you would normally lose 20 strength/ day, but with activated Q5 house, you would only lose 10 strength/ day. And even tho there is no actual maximum on the strength you can gain, if you reach 3000 strength, you would lose 30 strength/day. 

In addition to this, we would add another Workout area in 6 months or more. It would be built same as current one, but the difference would be this - to train in this special Workout area you would need a lot of energy ( for Q1 - 100 Energy, Q2 - 200 Energy, Q3 - 300 Energy and Q4 - 400 energy). So you can choose to either hit more times in the battle, or spend more energy on training your strength. 

Now a thing that we are working on at the moment, are hospitals. Soon you will be able to create special companies that would be able to construct a Hospitals. Hospitals would be sold on the regular market, and anyone with enough money could place them in the region he desires. If someone places a Q1 Hospital in a region, and then someone else comes and places a Q5 hospital, the Q1 would be replaced, but if someone tries to place a lower Quality hospital in a region where higher quality Hospital exists, it would not be possible. Only people who are located in the region where that hospital is would be able to use it (and they must have the citizenship of that country). If the region is conquered by invaders, the hospital would collapse. 

Please upvote and write in the comments what you think about this suggestion. Thank you


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Comments (52)

Excellent article! Approved.
The part about extra training center is good if u reduce number of energy drinks that can be consumed by day. If not, rich people will continue training every day and shoot normally, and other will just shoot without it... This about house has sense, couse now houses are basicly uselless.
nine. no. oxi how can we say it otherwise stop suggesting stuff Cheeky
the standard strenght method is better because if I could not play for a week I would loose a lot of strenght. now I'm already penalized if I don't play some days because I gain no strenght but loose it it's bad
Gibe, that's how it is in Real Life - if you hit the gym, build up muscles, and then stop training, your muscles go soft.
Remove company market for tanks and helis! We CANNOT sell them!
XOPC we will remove them soon.
Well it looks better than the previous one, whata bout travel? will you make it 0.2 gold at least? Will be international CC market like in RL?
Kami Neko, we lowered it to 0.3 Gold
Good, very good
And even tho there is no actual maximum on the strength you can gain, if you reach 3000 strength, you would lose 30 strength/day. - and what this means? that house becomes useless when we reach 3000 str or what? And when we reach 4000 str, what then?
Marcus - its not useless, it will lower the amount of strength you lose, and by that time, we will add a new training center, so it is possible to progress further.
Nice proposition, but what about training cost? We will need to pay to train every day? Or just need to pay to build it, and train for free every day, just like now?
If i can train in second tc for free and only build it for gold, then i agree. But if u wanna make that u need to train in second tc with gold, then your idea sucks.
Makedoner, just pay to build it, and it will take a lot of energy to train.
It will not change anything, those who are already become strongest players will be buying energies, so they could keep progressing further. No makes sense !
imo only if you make a strict limit od energy drinks use
You need to put some restriction to fighting, so instead of 1 person or 2 people a country could effect the fate of battle.
Bullshit. Need two another power. 1.- basic: with small damage factor, but neverending 2.- monthly: largest damage factor, monthly delete.
You need to put some restriction to fighting, so instead of 1 person or 2 people a country could effect the fate of battle.
What would be the purpose of those hospitals?
Nakituminayashi - you click on them once a day, and they recover your energy (Q1- 50 energy, Q2-100 energy ... Q5 - 250 energy).
hmmm hospita sounds ok strenght option looks cool but buying a house is just one more thing that i can't afford... but still this is not biggest problem of the should do something about people who hit more than a couple of countries together...or the "feature" where some people got heli companies for 10 gold Laugh
nice idea
dont approve it anymore.... "Lets say you have that maximum of 2000, you would lose 20 strength per day" we get 20 strength a day from q4 TG it means daily progress is 0 if you dont have houses
I have that. Don't limit the strength ! Also if there will be strength loss i will leave the game. What's the point of playing? just buy more gold ?
Hell no
Am I the only one who thinks that your suggestions sucks or there are many like me ? If u make it like that ill definitely quit from this game
Why limit the strenght ? f'cking no logic, we're playing to GAIN Strenght, not to lose
Don't look any further
I'm not sure about the numbers, but I like the idea. And don't need to have a better workout camp to pass a strength barrier. It should give less points because it's no longer adequate to you improve your train, but if you train you still get stronger.
I don't like it :/
Am I the only one who thinks that your suggestions sucks or there are many like me ? If u make it like that ill definitely quit from this game
admit it biskvit this is hard job Laugh i myself hate customers like this Cheeky
I support you el Macedonico >_< This is shitty tbh
nice one!
try to think at some other things and stop thining at stenght limit the majority of the players don't lie it try to limitate the massive damage dealers
Looks good. Some people QQ cuz strength = their online ego... Well and it is also sign of an accomplishment. Maybe we should just lower the strength we gain from Training Center after reaching certain amount of strength like some other game out there?
oh this will take a while to decide a good system for all
This is very good idea. I think without divisions (still a bad system) something like this is needed. Game is still young but after some time it will become like erep with huge gap between new and old players. If someone will want to buy gold and tank in future then that player wants to have fair competition (decent strenght). This allows any new players to become significant after some time and old tanks and gold buyers can still dominate if they buy bars. Idea with houses is great because it will stimulate economy. Player can decide not to tank and buy houses and later he can start buying them and increase strenght whenever player decides he wants to be more competitve in the battlefield.
Bulsh!t lvl beyond lvls xD...
- Idea only for donate.
I like the house Idea, i just hope houses won't become too expensive because of that
biskvit why don t you just do your job and moderate things, let the others do the thinking part. when will you realize that damage that players makes doesn t depend so much on strength, rank or level as it depends of MONEY he has to buy food, wep, houses, EDs and other stuff, and because of that new players will always be behind the older unless you count on fact that all new players will be payers Smile