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I would like to suggest a change to the game, and I would like to hear all of your opinion. I know you are all angry about the latest Event where you can win Strength ( it wasn t our intention to sell the strength, we wanted to put some excitement in the event ), but I have a suggestion that would balance things out in the long run. Here is my suggestion:

Strength maximum is 2000. Each day on day change, you would lose some strength (amount of strength you lose depends of your current strength). Lets say you have that maximum of 2000, you would lose 20 strength per day. But if you had strength 500-599 you would lose 5 strength / day.  If you strength is bellow 100 you wouldn t lose anything. Keep in mind that if you want to get past the 500 strength barrier you would need at least Q2 Workout area, for 1000 Strength barrier you would need a Q3 Workout area and so on.

 I hope I painted a clear picture of my suggestion. For the strongest players, they would need to keep training each day to stay on top, and if they reach the max strength limit, only way to increase their damage would be to raise their ranks and level.  

After a while, all could reach the top strength, but you would need to be active player to keep it at the max. 

Please tell me what you think about this suggestion. Thank you



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And ofc, rank points and levels, should have bigger impact on dmg. I suggest to change a litte bit formula for dmg.
looks good, but then we would need to change super soldier medals
Super soldier medals would be calculated as you train, not as you accumulate.
interesting, looks good
Whaaat? This is the worst thing i've ever seen in my life this what you have now is the same like going to gym not to lose weight than to gain weight
Well, when you reach your maximum, you just retain that level. You cant go up anymore Laugh
el Macedonico, if you go to the gym, build up muscles, and then you stop going to the gym, what happens with your muscles ? Laugh
less then 100 - u dont loss any str (u need min q1 tc to develop) 100 - 500 - u lose 5 str (u need min q2 tc to develop) 500 - 1500 - u lose 10 str (u need min q3 tc to develop) 1500 - 1999 - u lose 15 str (u need min q4 tc to develop) 2000 - u lose 20 str (u need q4 tc to maintain the same amount of str evry day) The idea is good and it will reduce difference between visa and non-visa players (over some time ofc). You have my support.
My lovely friend i can see that you just want to help in this situation and that is good we appreciate that i dont know for other but personaly i do. Listen... All you guys have to do is to decrease the strenght of the people who already won that and replace it with something else. Is that really that hard to do? Many people left the game because of this what u have added. Tell the admin that he is not Plato to fuck with the citizens like he wants because before he made a poo of EREP there was over
Good idea. Also you can make divisions, 3 divisions by streight and every day the straight you need to go to the next division raises up so if someone gains 10str per day and cant afford Q3 workout area will fight in division with other people who gain same str every day
i support
500k players and over 10k players through the day online. Idk whats the point playing this were 2-3 players can make more dmg than 2-3 strong countries togethet. Thing about that and tell the admins not to be greedy for money they will earn for sure.
I also support your idea el Macedonico , to remove strength from those who get it, and reward them with some other stuffs.. Golds or something like that..
Good idea mate!! support o/
voted + sub.... pls sub back man Laugh good idea
el Macedonico:"Idk whats the point playing this were 2-3 players can make more dmg than 2-3 strong countries togethet." That's obviously going to change if this idea gets accepted.
The best way to reduce difference between visa and non-visa players is to limit purchases per day. Also limit energy spending in battles. e.g each player can spend max 1500 energy per day in battles (excluding Energy Drink), and can spend max 10 energy drinks per day.
stupid Cheeky
Good article, I support this! Keep doing good job!
good idea
good idea Smile
I think it is too early for new training grounds if u ask me Laugh The game is only 36 days old
On the other hand it is nice to have strength limit, but it should be 5k or 10k instead of 2k
If people think it will be pointless to train than, imagine some sort of maximum str for any tc. U mentioned 2000, lets say it will be: q4 tc 2000 str maximum q3 tc 1750 str maximum q2 tc 1500 str maximum q1 tc 1250 str maximum Not to mention that q1 tc owner will have double less power, than he will lower pass rank becouse less dmg, so it will make diference. Also, this will give chance new players faster reach max str, and by their fighting they will raise their fire power. This is good thing becouse it will reduce diference in str, but mainly, it will not low diference btwn visa and other players if u dont make how much maximum packs someone can buy per day.
First of all - BIG SUPPORT for this! And if ever new TG implemented (but you must wait at least a half of a year or more, until players succeed to raise existing ones), also same mechanisms stays. Point is- that sooner or later we will all have same str. Dependings of TG quality. This is actually good idea, cause in one moment everyone can reach each others in str. Not in rank, tho - there would be some effort needed to achieve that, or money invested - but its actually normal - if someone spent some money for tanking that he have higher rank. I think this 2 stuffs could be great for the game, and could bring brighter future: 1) Implement this what you proposed. 2) Maximum usage of EB per day is 5 + 20 RPG (battle package) and it can be bought ONLY for euros (5e) and it last for 24h! You cant spend more even if you wanna buy, cause it last for 24h and thats max you can spend (dmg you can made).
Resident Evil, I didn't mention new Training grounds at all. Babo, how I suggested works like this - if you have more than 500 strength you lose 5 strength/day, so if you only have Q1 Workout area, you will gain 5 strength with your training + 1 from daily tasks, and lose 5 strength on day change. So you would need a better Workout area to advance faster.
don't like the idea. It would be better to find a formula that when passing some points/spots in strength linebar the train will give you less strength daily. What I mean. Up to 500 strength = tg*1 (tg4, you recieve 20 strength) 501-1000 strength =tg*0.95 1001-1500 strength = tg*0.9 and so on.. This is just a model, the milestones, the decimal, everything. Work on it
I prefer that idea AND adding limits to used items. That would make the game more "society-building" Smile
I'm against it. Part of being a long time player is that you will have accumulated more strength the longer you player. Not just based on investments, but time.
nice one fam v+s
also, set a max limit of energy drinks per day (not buy but use) lets say 1000 energy recover per day. Limit RPGs per BATTLE (lets say 20 per battle). There are solutions just hear citizens' proposals
Will be better Laugh
Ktab - strong players will still have the upper edge based on ranks and level, and new players won't feel like they will never catch up to the old players. Covow - same as for Ktab - if you accumulate strength and keep it at that level, with your rank and player level you will still make a lot more damage.
Even better idea to support houses sales and usage... Allowed to use energy drinks daily, as many as double the energy you may recover. Without houses, recover up to 500*2=1000 energy (10 drinks). With Q3 house 650*2=1300 energy (13 drinks)
Biskvit sorry mate but there HAS to be difference between new and old players. But difference, not chaos. So, as time passes by and new become older, they will eventually start reducing difference, as they will gain bigger percentages of strength daily than older (stronger) players.
Increasing limit by 1 for every day you do the DO can be good idea. So it will make some difference between old and younger but not that much..
Excellent artice, but better remove first company market for tanks and helicopters. We can't sell them anymore.
I dont like this, i have been focusing to get max TG already invested a lot of gold in that. I would be realy upset about these changes, dont like them at all. Str training is good, not exelent, but good. At least we dont need to train with gold.
LOL stupidest idea ever. just take away the strength players gained from this LUCKY GAME or whatever it is, and continue to play as before.
Ktab, there will always be difference between old and new players (it will take them a long time to get to the max strength and the difference between rank and level). Le Moose - This would be in effect for all players on the servers, so if you keep training each day with max TG, you should stay on top. check a player playing 210 days has half the strength of a player playing 540 days. The longer it goes the more "equalized" the difference will be. Limit the interference in battles and you got your solution. If an old strong player is allowed to hit infinitely in a battle you've lost the game Smile Check what I suggested above, combined with percentage in strength will give max result imo
LOL stupidest idea ever. just take away the strength players gained from this LUCKY GAME or whatever it is, and continue to play as before.
Bad idea... It will make big countries stronger but little will be weak and the game will die -_-
I like your idea ktab about multiplier.
How about no? Laugh
i think this is not a good idea...
Not a good idea
i like it
ne sviđa mi se ideja,ne znam zasto...mislim da to i dalje nece sprijeciti da 3 ili 4 igraca naprave veci damage od svih nas ostalih...mozda i hoce kada se izbalansira za 5,6 mjeseci,ali do tada kud koji mili moji
support, really good idea, active player (visa and non visa) will be strong if they are active in blattles, of course visa will have advantage if they use bazooka and energy but i guess its fair enough
Kami Neko does not like this idea--> so this must be a very GOOD idea
If u want to make this game more fun u have to stop selling energy bars. It creates huge mountains between strong and week players. U have to update gold prices too they re so expensive
Really interesting idea.
I like the idea
So nothing about the strength you just sold. Some players benefited and got to the top, and the rest, well they just have to deal with that. NOT NICE. I invested money to rise up TG so others cant catch me, but now simply they buy strength.
Good idea. IF someone worry about getting weaker about small countries, then invite more people from your country, put effort on inviting not buying Cheeky
Well i suggest that if they train daily they should not lose strength else if they lost for example 1 day of training they will start to lose strength... And maybe some TG discounts would be good too ... Cheeky o/ Nice Idea anyway
ktab idea is even better. But that already seen in some games. And this will be something new. (ofc if u implement it.)
Good suggestion!
Good idea, big +! Hope to see this in near future Smile
Damage control. I wasn't very active here ( just work, train, DO ), but the game lost balance after a month only. The gap between buyers and non-buyers is increasing every day. They fail to understand that the game can not survive with buyers only. This experiment will die soon.
the dude has spoken Cheeky can plato have 10 gold? Sad
best idea ever to keep playing by team and invited more people to play and not individualist like allways. but mercenary mode on and its not good for them. what we discussed here, in details
At the start looks like a great ideia, but, as Kami Neko said, the countries with a little number of citizens will be more weak than populous countries. So, I suggest a limit of force according to the population of the country. So, we could have, for exemple: 8000 of strenght for countries have until 100 citizens; 4000 of strenght for countries have until 400 citizens; and 2000 of strenght for countries have above 400 citizens. The sthenght will be updated every time the game recieve new players. Repeating, it is only a suggestion.
@ONovato. It also not make a sense, in the end you can get country with 100 the same power as with 400. Change the training is bad, it'll unbalance the game. Also all people who crying about STR "selling" first the bigest game in this kind also sold STR so shut up about "No game that sold STR" - bullshit and it is not so easy get this STR because you can spend 200 +/- gold and get only 25 :/ and someone can spend only 45 abd get 50. Second just buy 45 gold and get 10+ tickets, 45 gold is not much... admin can just increase get STR for low STR players and problem will be solved with crying people. I still not understand why you're crying? In the big game there 4 STR training grounds and upgrade all cost tons of gold so gold buyers all the time will have more str, but there only 1 so the difference not so big. In this game a little country can be strong but in the big game there is no chances for little countries because of the 4 TG. I already told they just need to make the gold price lower so also poor people will be able to buy it.
Imagine the game after 5 years. some one like Kylo is a super power that is training with high speed and a newbie who cant never reach that amount of damage that kylo do. Just like what happend id other game. i support this
@MSDehghan For that you do BabyBoom like in erep -_-
Rather remove the strength limit & add divisions.
very good idea!!! me as a free user: (Y)
nice! Smile str cap+str daily fall off will make it nice,it
Changing the rules in the middle of the game, always a bad thing to do. Instead of majority of people boosting strength you will have a minority of people boosting their rank and level cause they have money and the difference will always remain.