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Hi! In this article series I put the prices of All Chat (black market - no taxes). I'll provide an interval, or a concrete number, that is the AVERAGE PRICE. Anything lower should be considered a good price, and anything above is therefore a bad price.

I invite you to use the comment section as the trading area, post your offer, with this format please: 


This Edition's Notes: 
Introduced Country's Production Bonuses for the best countries with 100% bonuses!

As you can see, we have a new banner, thanks to Flindix, that also created the images used on the new section! Big thanks to him!
Removed Q4 Helis, haven't seen any of them in quite a while, and it's starting to be pointless.
Introduce FRM (food raw material) - price range is very big because it varys A LOT from country to country.
Also changed the way I put the prices of raw materials: instead of the 1G=X raw format, I'm now using the individual price.

At the moment, it's very dificult to buy food on all chat. When you do find it, its around 1G = 1600E, but it really depends.
All the weapons are getting cheaper and cheaper. Q5 Helis are now around 0,061 each, with some sellers on the 100=6g mark. Q3s are between 0,042 and 0,043.
Along side weapons, Weapon Raw Material is also cheaper.
Houses haven't changed.
1G = 1600 - 1700 energy
FRM - Food Raw Material = 0,0002 - 0,003   

Q1 Helis = 0,031 - 0,034

Q2 Helis = 0,035 - 0,038
Q3Helis / Q5 Tanks = 0,042 - 0,043
Q5 Helis = 0,060 - 0,062
WRM - Weapon Raw Material = 0,0045 - 0,0050

Q1 =4,0
Q2 = 5,0
Q3 = 5,5 -6,5
Q4 = 8,0-8,5
Q5=11,0 - 12,0 

HRM - HouseRaw Material = 0,008 - 0,010

In this section I will put all the countrys with a good bonus on any of the industries. For Food and Weapons I only included 100% bonus, because there are many, but for HousesI also included 90% and 80% bonus.

I marked with...

    red the countries with bonus on Food , Weapon and House Industries.
    orange the countries with bonus on Food and Weapons;
    green the countries with bonus on Food and Houses;
    blue the countries with bonus on Weapons and Houses.

If you're wondering, this information can be useful for people who have more then one type of industry, and don't want to travel twice.

    0,024 G per Company - South Korea, Turkey
    0,027 G per Company - Iran
    0,030 G per Company - France, Germany, Lithuania, Portugal, Taiwan
    0,033 G per Company - Japan
    0,036 G per Company - Poland
    0,102 G per Company - USA

0,018 G per Company - Bulgaria
0,024 G per Company - Turkey
0,027 G per Company - Iran
0,030 G per Company - France, Germany, Taiwan, Romania
0,039 G per Company - Argentina
0,045 G per Company - Croatia
0,048 G per Company - Brazil
0,102 G per Company - USA

100% Bonus - 0,036 G per Company - Poland
100% Bonus - 0,056 G per Company - Greece

90% Bonus - 0,024 G per Company - Turkey
90% Bonus - 0,033 G per Company - Japan

80% Bonus - 0,021 G per Company - Serbia
80% Bonus - 0,027 G per Company - Iran
80% Bonus - 0,030 G per Company - PortugalRomania
80% Bonus - 0,102 G per Company - USA

If you think any of the information is not correct, feel free to comment it down below, with due respect.
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Pertamaxx @Komeng_saja Omm Tukeran yoo 1helis = 1.5 Tanks q5 all
Don t copy :/
200 sub. nice!
Hey kaandaskan! I did see that article, problem is I have been doing this since the new update, I asked a friend to do the banners, and organized the information in a better way then him (in my opinion). I think my series really gains with this, and I have my conscience clean, because I had this in mind from the day it got released. I didn t copy it from anyone, you can trust me here.
Hell yeah giovinco! Lets goooooo
100% Bonus for house serbia
@sahlan, tank q5 ga punya. heli q5 apalagi...
@therekc I m guessing they just recently conquered it, am I right? Anyways, edited. Thx!
I think you have mistake on the price which you should pay on one company in Serbia because cc is very cheap in there. cheaper then in turkey
Another great article! Best Jornal!
@DaltonicD İt s not problem Wink
@deviko99 Yes indeed! When correcting another mistake, I changed it without noticing :/ Sry for so many mistakes guys, this is a lot of information, and shit happens :/ Anyways thx for the awesome support! If you really liked it share it on your countries!
great article !!
Obg Aless Smile Thx kris!
Hail USA!
very good initiative, well done! If you keep updating this, I ll be collecting the data in excel format on every occasion and will be using it to provide you with price history, charts etc. Voted and subscribed.
Amazing! Remember the first article? Smile
I do indeed Sultan, and I remember your constant support Smile Thx!!!
Nice aeticle You continue to do amazing job 1cc: 0.005 G. Smile Paraguayan Market.
Hail Pars Team
@Itakyry, unluckily, you don t have any good bonuses Cheeky