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Welcome to eRevollution

eRevollution is a multiplayer strategy game that allows users to run the economy, conquer other nations, become a politician and rule a country, or liberate your country and start a resistance war.
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Your sincerely, eRevollution team.
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eRevollution - browser-based massive multiplayer online game
Game that revolves in a world similar to ours, where each player is a citizen of a certain country and has a role in it. The game heavily revolves around strategy, by combining real world elements like economy, politics, business, journalism and more. Register now to become an upstanding citizen of your e-country and help build a world as you always envisioned it. Lead your nation into wars and alliances, become a business owner, journalist, politician or anything you desire. Fight for your country as a conqueror, defender or resistance fighter and make a name for yourself. Become a legend on the battlefield. Join the fight now!
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