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By LordFeline

Hello my fellow Irishmen and women! Let's just have a recap of this week thus far, shall we?
Finances Banshee, our Minister of Defense has set up our monetary market set up at an interesting rate of 4 gold = 75.000 IEP. It's to promote a fair pay back to our citizens, which comes to 75% back to investors and a cool 25% to our government

Wartime News!

War Declared on Canada! Just yesterday war was declared on Canada by our president BryceKelley. With the rallied support for this war by most of the country. Our forces have pushed back the Canadian forces in Newfoundland and Labrador. This battle for Newfoundland and Labrador might be over by the end of this day.

War Heros

    BryceKelleyBansheeThomas Kees
I salute thee!
Thank you all for taking a gander at this news cast by LordFeline



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