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Greetings Friends! I want to tell you about my beloved homeland Georgia.

Allow me to start with one joyful legend about how did our nation turned out to live on this amazing land, located between two seas , with enormous Caucasus mountains upon it.


Georgians call their country "gifted from god". Legend sais, when god was giving land to the people all over the world, Georgians were late and they came to god only when land was already divided. When god asked why they were late, they honestly confessed that they had a guest, they had a feast and were drinking a toast to honor god.
God was so delighted with this answer that he gave Georgians a little piece of a paradise which he kept for himself. There is a joke saying that it is Georgian's fault that god has no place to live on earth and he had to go up to the sky.

I like this legend because besides a cheerful story it contains three things of which Georgians are very proud of, those are hospitality, loving feast and wine, and of course extraordinary nature. 

Guests in Georgia are considered as "messengers of god", and the love of having guest is a part of Georgians personality. That is main characteristic of our nation, for which we really are special.


Beverage, the tradition of winery and feasting is an inseparable part of Georgian feast. Most of it is connected with wine and toasts. Georgia has several feature of cup and toasts to bless the guests, even the ones who were late for the feast. For example in Imereti the quantity of wine was also connected to guests and even now there is a saying – "I remain calm this autumn, I have enough wine for guests". 

Georgian feast s not be considered just as a wine-drinking competition. First of all it demonstrates wittiness, love, courtesy, mutual respect, knight self-mastery, and devotion to our nation and motherland.


There is another legend connected to wine in which god was looking for a place on the earth to cultivate Grapevine. He found lots of places but eventually picked a place where the bones of lion, pig and nightingle were buried. This place was Georgia. When he finally cultivated vine and had a harvest, he pressed grapes and made wine, product gained features of these three creatures, on whose bones vine was originated. When a man is drinking wine his talking is like nightingle singing, when he drinks more he becomes like a lion and has an illusion of conquering any obstacle, and if he drinks way more than enough he becomes like a pig, reasons are not required to be listed http://www..com/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif


We believe that if not wine Georgia wouldn't have been existed and one of the reasons Georgia is holding on is wine. You laugh - you drink, you cry – you drink, wine holds together and keeps apart, wine hides sorrows and wakes actor in you, wine is eternal and you can find whole country in it.

Georgia is well known for its rich folklore, unique traditional music. Feasting doesn’t usually happen without singing. Georgia has a rich and vibrant musical tradition, primarily known for its early development of polyphony. Georgian polyphony is based on three vocal parts, a unique tuning system based on perfect fifths, and a harmonic structure rich in parallel fifths and dissonances. Every region in Georgia has its own traditional music, which are connected to love, feasting, harvest, homeland, war and etc.

♫♪♫ Georgia country Music

Of course there is no feast and singing without marvellous georgian dance. Georgian dance is a celebration of life and of Georgia’s rich and diverse culture. Each dance portrays the characteristics of the region in which it originated. Dances perfectly capture the natural gracefulness and beauty of Georgian women and the courage, honor and respectfulness of Georgian men. The male dancers perform spectacular leaps and turns, incredible spins and can also boast a highly original technique for, unlike any other dancers in the world.


From 33 climate zones on earth Georgia has 28. One of the many proves of it is little village Darkveti, where half of the backyard can be raining and half can be full of sunshine. The landscape within the nation's boundaries is quite varied. Western Georgia's landscape ranges from low-land marsh-forests, swamps, and temperate rainforests to eternal snows and glaciers, while the eastern part of the country even contains a small segment of semi-arid plains, there is absolutely nothing you can not see in Georgia.


There are a lot of thing I could tell about Georgia but only way to get it is to see it for yourself and make sure how truly beautiful and extraordinary nature has this little territory and if you get a chance to visit, people here will be looking forward to invite you to their houses , make a feast for a guest and show you the big love they have for their little country, how proud they are, and you will feel really lucky to see this.

P.s. Here are some Beautiful pics of my homeland and also some hiking photos of me and my friends (Ye we like hiking and Georgia is one of the best place for it http://www..com/images/smileys/anime.gif ).


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