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I found an interesting photos with stories and I want to show them.
They are unique and I think that they will surprise you. 
Get ready for an interesting photo gallery
1.  Ann Fisher  (80s). The first woman in space

2. Africa - Headless artillerymen

3. Kangaroo is shocked (Snow in Australia, July 17, 2015.)

4. John F. Kennedy (Oval Room)

5. Somewhere in Africa

6. The desperate mother sells her children.  USA, 1948.

7. Uzbek girls in math lesson (1921)

8. Father wait me (British regiment march)

9. The Beatles, fight with pillows (1964)

10. A Bosnian soldier plays the piano, in destroyed the music school

11.  Dr. James Callahan is trying to save a dying soldier. (Saigoni, Vietnam, 1967)

13. The last stage of the creation of the Statue of Liberty. (Paris, 1885.)

14. African child eating watermelon

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Moments of History... Very nice indeed!