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Following  is a rough translation of a message from Croat President to his citizens:

To Croatian citizens,

I write this article to you because it was brought to my attention that it would be good to explain to our citizens the development of the current situation.

Let s start from the beginning, original intention was to sign MPP with certain countries in our environment such as Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia to be
something like a basis of a future Alliance. But this plan did not succeed since there appeared in Serbia two parties with similar number of congressmen,
where with opposition from Serbian Radical Party, Serbia did not sign an MPP though their CP was agreeable. Then we turned to the signing MPP with other
countries just to be safe from possible attacks by Serbia (although it has not yet been ruled out as an option).

My second move was putting on printing 3,000 HRK for 30 gold after the vote money was transferred to my ACC, and I put them on the market at affordable
Monetary ratio of 1 HRK 0.05 G so that we have Kuna (cc) in circulation to facilitate seamless payment of earned wages and to facilitate the purchase of
products on the domestic market. After the first printing of HRK it was followed by another, and I think this will be the last for now. Of course all gold
I obtained from this sale HRK market will be submitted to the treasury of Croatia and I ll provide a screen shot as evidence.

The third move was an attack on Slovenia for the passage to Austria where we should collect most of the resources that we re missing. So on first day without
resistance we took Slovenian Prekmurje and in the meantime we saw that Hungary declared war to Austria which would make it impossible for our peaceful
gathering of resources. With timely intervention war has been declared on Austria and a few hours before Hungary could launch an attack on Austria, so that we
were able to block Hungary only direct route to Austria - Burgenland.

So far we have signed an MPP with China, Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia, Italy, Greece, Thailand, Cuba.
We are in process of signing the MPP with Albania.

That would be a short summary of events in these few days.

With respect,

CP niksap


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