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The data reportedly belongs to the Supreme Court of Thailand.It seems like the data, which was uploaded yesterday, was stolen last Wednesday
when the Anonymous launched DDoS attacksagainst hundreds of Thai court websites. The Blink Hacker Group, which is
among the many divisions of Anonymous, accidentally stumbled upon this mive
wealth of data while attempting to deface Thailand Supreme Court website. The
stolen data includes documents, payrolls and other valuable information. Blink
Hacker Group is also participating in this operation with Anonymous.The Blink
Hacker Group is also participating in this operation with Anonymous. According
to the hackers, apart from information related to the website of the Supreme
Court, their team also got hold of data related to the day-to-day operations of
the institution. Evidently, the system administrator of the court believed
that it would be a safe bet to use the Web server as a database for storing a
variety of information like budget files, payroll slips, pension information
and criminal case data.Not to forget, that the sysadmin stored such mive
database on a single machine, thereby making the job of hacker pretty
simplistic. So, the hackers stole the data and now have exposed it online,
after all, they all are after the unjust Thai justice system and the corrupt
ways of the legal and law enforcement departments. Apparently, with
operation #BoycottThailand, Anonymous aims to pressurize Thai legal system.
This operation was started after the Thai Supreme Court sentenced two Myanmar
migrant workers to death.The two workers were accused of raping and murdering two Britishtourists. In a 37-minute long video, which was releasedby Anonymous and a press statement, the hacker group explained in detail why it
was after Thailand’s police and justice departments.The group detailed a long
list of criminal cases created against the immigrants in Thailand, which were
seemingly based upon dodgy evidence. As per Anonymous, the law enforcement
tortured the accused individuals in all the cases and also, surprisingly, in
all the listed cases police lost key evidence that could have helped the
suspects gain fre.
Another ironic similarity between the cases as mentioned by Anonymous was that
all involved foreign tourists who were visiting Thailand.
Anonymous believes that Thailand justice and law enforcement institutions are
making a mockery out of these trials just to keep the country’s image as a
tourist haven intact even on the cost of sacrificing lives of the innocent


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