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Daily Business articles for Japan
The purpose of this news
let the people know the market, there is a what I want to know who purchased my merchandise
I just write what I trafficking of goods and foreign exchange.

You can see every day how to trade commodities with my money in the game.
I do not want to earn much interest, but I need gold to upgrade cmpy and buy raw cmpy = yen
Today gold price changes

My company Information

Employees 13/20
Work presence 65%

Total costs salary 30 JPY

Today Raise

So if you want raise , You need Resign and rejoin
Do not be a cheap labor←There is no benefit to you ,  Please do our best to fight for your rights.

Cope with war, I change the production plan.
Today there is no more production out of the food material, I take the production of weapons.

And Employees also have movement because a player has three days did not play

My Product List on Market


    540 Q2 food - 0.06 each - Sold out 400s for 24 yen444 food raw - 0.02 each - not yet - In fact I was selling 0.018 each, I don't know why the figure will be rounded

    440 Q2 food  - 0.06 each   -  Sold out for 26.4 yen 1500 food raw  - 0.02 each   - Sold 1056 for 21.12 yen210 weapon raw  - 0.03 each  - Sold out for 6.3 yen

Today's revenue is ↓

food Raw 21.12 yen + Food 24 yen +  peapon Raw6.3 yen - Salary30 yen = 21.42 yen

    Monetary market


4.000 Gold1 = 26.000 JPY

5.000 Gold1 = 26.000 JPY

I successfully earned 26.000 JPY  
I  will temporarily hold the Japanese currency to the foreign exchange market today.

Then tomorrow I will be used to try to earn 26 yen more
Let's look and see

If you like this articles, take a look at it every day
You can learn anything to me on trade

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