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Published in United States of America - Political debates and analysis - 11 Jan 2016 12:21 - 15

For the U.S.'s Founding Government we have chosen to make a council until elections.

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This council currently consists of people designated to specific areas in the country to help get it functioning.

Politics: Covow and BioHaze

Food: Apollos

Weapons: HunBurry and Paragon_EF

We are wanting to expand the council and any U.S. citizens may join.

These are our allies until made official:

We are in a pact with; U.K. Serbia, and Venezuela

That's everything, we look forward to this new game.

    ~Head of Politics


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Viva America
Sounds like a dictatorship in the making xD
Paragon_EF is ME by the way... Paragon_EF == TheMadCatter. The username Paragon_EF doesn't exist on this game (that I know of), and I just decided to go with something other than the usual.
Venezuela o7
Sign me in.
Hello from France o/
Sign me up as well.
Where is the whale?
Sorry about that mad catter. As for those wanting to join the council pls state what you want to help with or PM me for further info. If you want to align with us pls PM me.
Look forward to working with you all, and "in hoc singo viernes" to you all.
I'll join the council
I will join!
Hey all! I don't like chat rooms and etc. but you can find me here pretty much all the time. Wink