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Published in United States of America - Battle orders - 18 Jan 2016 08:25 - 4

Today's Date: 1/18/16
Author(s): Apollos, White House Press Secretary
Topic(s): Current battles, war location

A friendly reminder!
When fighting, make sure you fight in wars that we are connected to by Mutual Protection Pact (MPP).
If the war requires you to move to fight, it does NOT fall under this category.
If you move, you will be stuck in that area until you can buy passage in that
area's currency form. Given the newness of the game, there are not many currency
offers on the market, so you may be stuck for a long time. We have several MPP's
in progress through Congress, so fighting will resume normalcy very

Thanks for your attention to this, and for the great activity levels we are seeing as an

Stay classy, eAmerica!

(PS: Your votes and subs serve to ensure this information gets to all our citizens!)


Comments (4)

They changed it from currency to 1 gold to move Laugh
Thanks for the update, MrSharp! Still more than I'd pay to fight in a non-essential battle.
Make sure to support your friend Ireland in battle!