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Daily Business articles for Japan

The purpose of this news
let the people know the market, there is a what I want to know who purchased my merchandise
I just write what I trafficking of goods and foreign exchange.

You can see every day how to trade commodities with my money in the game.
I do not want to earn much interest, but I need gold to upgrade cmpy and buy raw cmpy

My company Information

Employees 12/20
Work presence 57%
Total Salary costs 25 JPY

And I usually wait for all the employees work after production

I also have Q3 food, Q2 weapons but for personal use
Sometimes put on the market

My Product List on Market

    440 Q2 food  - 0.06 each   -  Sold out for 26.4 yen 1500 food raw  - 0.02 each   - not yet210 weapon raw  - 0.03 each  - not yet

Monetary market
    5G     -     1 G = 26 yen36.8 yen-1 yen = 0.114G

Shortly after, I will write information to come in the international market
and let you know how I trading with the world and make money

If you like this articles, take a look at it every day
You can learn anything to me on trade

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Kami Neko

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