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Welcome everyone.

Just a quick update on our current progress for the Australian citizens.

If you have been watching the country page you will see we have currently been setting up some MPP's with other nations.

We would like to see approved the following pending MPP's;


We also have in the works a couple more MPP's which we are waiting on responses from.

Our MU is going ahead shortly once we can transfer the gold accordingly, so DO's and allied battles can be set.

Tax rates; we will be looking at changing the current work tax shortly from 1% to 5% to help build the country funds

Issue currency; is another law we will get underway shortly with some feedback from government officials so we can help boost our economy.

Remember, your help is needed to build what could be a great community and country. Please if youhave something to offer the country step forward with a pm to discuss what can be achieved.

CP Australia
Jan 2016

Battle orders; For Moving , Contact Ananthakrishnan


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The MU is up and running, so please sign up. I will issue DO's once the first MPP passes