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Published in Poland - Social interactions and entertainment - 06 Jun 2016 01:57 - 10 PL EN
Author: Phor Killick Ćwir Ćwir Wszystkim i Każdemu Z Osobna! Chirp Chirp Everyone, and Every Single One of You!

Panie i Panowie, Ladies and Gentlemen... Baby Bucket Challenge!

An idea made by Romy arrived to me by nomination from Magellan. Huge thanks from the nominator. I just arrived from a convention in Olsztyn and I have about 30 minutes to complete a challenge. XD

But... let's complete this challenge up to eleven. Because sparrows have often more than one child, I selected two young players and sent them fifteen bars of gold. Let's meet those cute twins (don't let the ID fool you - labor was just very very long. :P)
Older Twin, Giovinco10 and Younger Twin, Giovinco69

And about nominations? I nominate three players to complete the #BBS :)
- Jimmy86 because if we can't do something better, let's make it Norse. :P
- RAF904 because you were keeping Germ out of Germany in first days of the game. :)
- Mordor because I need a Pole and you we're first who got into my mind. :D

You three guys have only 24 hours to find a young player (ID 25000+) and give him a nice present. The more epic present, the better. But if you won't complete this challenge - you have to send at least 10 Gold to me. Understood? :)



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Wielkie dzięki Wróbelku! Smile
lekko pokręcone
o7 trwa szukanie dziecka Smile
instead of searching new players you should work on your eMMA revival... Cheeky
o7, dzięki przyda się na inwestycję ! Kiedyś jak będę tak mocny również będę inwestował w graczy z przyszłością. Pozdrawiam