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Welcome to the eRevollution of Australia

As this is a new game and we are just getting started we need input from the Australian Members. It is important for you to have your say, be involved and make this country something to be a part of.

We all have a big task ahead of us, to get our country up and running. Hopefully this should go smoothly.

Below is a quick run down on what we should start looking to achieve in the government.

1. Issue Currency.  - This will go ahead with a small amount
To get the economy flowing, the government will require to print money from our current gold, and work with business owners as to whether to viable option is government run of privatise jobs to fill the tax box.

2. Government-run companies.
If we went down this path. Gold could be transferred to someone who is known and willing to help out with their time and companies to better the country and the service of the government.

3. Tax rates.
To ensure we are maximising our return we need to overhaul the taxes that we can create to benefit the country

4. Establish a military unit.  - Now happening, part funded by personal contributions and part government funded
This is a high and low priority. Without having a MU we cannot complete missions early, set DO's for rewards. This needs to be discussed.

5. MPP's. - Another one going ahead
We need to look at how best to align ourselves and where we can help out allies as needed.

6. TW's
We have already been approached for a TW, so we need to decide if it is too early on or with suitable MPP's if it is viable to build our military strength early on in the game.

You help is needed to build what could be a great community and country. If I have already sent you a pm please respond with any help you can offer. If you see an area you can help in do not hesitate to contact me with what you can bring to Australia.

CP Australia
Jan 2016


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TW - Do we even know the war mechanics yet? is it the same as the 'other' game or different? MPP - A must have, otherwise we could be wiped before we know what is happening.
Trying to find rules and guides on this seems fairly lengthy, so war mechanics are a slight unknown at this point. MPP's are happening as we speak (updated as we go) What we really need is more people to get involved from the community to help push the country forward and have a say when they see something wrong or can benefit us all