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Hello and welcome to Austria. In eRevollution Austria you are a citizen of a country in a virtual world.

You start as a small, average citizen, but with hard work you can establish your own company, have people work for you, fight in a war for your country or even candidate for president and make big decisions in the world.

For start you should get a job and try doing your daily tasks and missions, for which you will be rewarded with experience and different helpful items. When you gather
enough experience you will level up and be rewarded with gold, which you can spend to recover energy or buy items.

How to do Daily Tasks on You Tube video (with common problems explained)

...if you do not wish to watch the video... there is a step by step tutorial below:

First steps Tutorial - CLICK  http://i44.pic.com/9sun7s.jpg

Completing missions is a good way of earning high quality items such as food and weapons.

We hope that you will have many enjoyable moments here, together with the rest of all people in the eRevollution world.

If you have any further questions you can contact Hrvat , who will happily answer anything you want to know.


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