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This country has no economy, no leadership, no real activity, no regions, and no MPP’s!!! This is a BIG PROBLEM. If you elected me as the Country President this is how I will plan on fixing these problems.

No economy - I plan on bringing in traders to trade in the local market in exchange for them trading in there local cc for gold. and then we use that local cc, to infuse into the economy again. That will still creating a cycle, and start building our economy. But we would need to get one of our region’s back.

No leadership - If I’m elected, their will be an active president again. With an active president we can do a lot of things. Also I plan on having active cabinet.

No real activity - Their can’t be activity if their no region or active leadership, that just makes it sucky for everyone. We first need gain regions and make our leadership active. Than we can worry if activity doesn’t start growing.

No regions and No MPP’s - For MPP’s we need regions, How do I plan on getting regions? Well simple ally our selves with countries and simply make deals with countries to get at least a region back.

This is a brief outline of just the basic things I plan on doing. Their will be Whole Lot More I plan on doing. If you interested in helping me if I’m elected please send me a PM!!!

Dino Killer
Former President of the Philippines and Candidate for President


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