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Published in United Kingdom - Political debates and analysis - 16 Jan 2016 13:17 - 1

You may ask yourself, why would I care about this new paper? There is a good reason for that. This paper is the only one with the gall to go against the most powerful, controlling entities in this universe. No, I m not talking the Force, or YHWH, or anything. I m talking about the admins. Those guys that decided to make a game for free for us just suck. To make a point, I ll make a few bad puns.

E-REVOLLUTION? More like DE-EVOLLUTION! I m so funny! But seriously, what s up with the name? Why are they calling it revollution ? Do they not know that it s spelled revolution? I mean, I don t expect Serbians to be that good at English, but still...

Then there s Admin. Really creative name there. You had a choice at any username, and you chose the blandest one possible. I bet now he regrets that decision, which would make him a Sadmin. Am I right guys? Laugh at my jokes.

Those are the only ones I could come up with. But hey, that s political analysis for you!


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