Media Mogul Medal Project

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First of all, subscribe to my newspaper and send a PM about your sub + vote!

Check out their newspaper and sub them, then write a letter about your SUB number to them, and they return the favour:

Basevic 365 sub
Kuruc2 203 sub
Szym3k 139 sub
d0ct0rwardr0m 137 sub
Carbon14 115 sub
Salamon 73 sub
MrWaReZz 59 sub
Exxe 54 sub
w1zl 46 sub
Ca Vi 13 sub

SeReNIty AnGel 36 sub

Look comments also for other subs. :)
I ll write these articles, as long as a lot of vote comes to them. And of course, till this Sub 4 Sub doesn t get old... :D



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o7 o7 SUB4SUB
v 24 sub 263 köszi Smile - Sub 4 Sub
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s280 Sub for sub, PM me for sub back
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Media Mo g ul ... v+s
s289 BOOBS & SUB 4 SUB : please Smile
s290 tyy! send pm i return the favor!! sub4nosub :3
done... sub4sub pleeease vote + sub Smile Smile tnx Sub back 294
please sub and vote back
Let me know if you sub, thank you:
sub for sub v + s s4s v+s 303
Http:// 27 more subscribers Sub 4 sub
s4s return sub
sub 307 Sub for Sub, PM PM i return sub ofc sub for sub. PM me
same here...
sub 4 sub PM me
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Please sub-vote for sub-vote and pm Smile s4s SUB PLZ! Laugh TNX SUB 4 SUB, send me yours in game, its a lot faster and also sub number
327 sub4sub sub for sub SUB4SUB First medal is here, but I see that some peoples have second and third. GOGOGOGOOGOG Returning subs 100% just pm me
s330 sub for sub!