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1. Bulgaria has a 1325 years of history, since 681 A.D.
2. Bulgaria has harbored and developed culture in 2 alphabets - the Cyrillic (9th century) and the Glagolitic (862), courtesy of Saints Cyril & Methodius (Cyrillic is the basis of most languages spoken in Eastern Europe today).
3. Bulgaria is the first Slavic nations that adopted Christianity.
4. Bulgaria was once one of the 3 biggest empires in Europe among the Frankish, and the Byzantine (it spanned between the Mediterranean, the Black, and the White Seas).
5. Bulgaria preserved its ethnic identity, religion, and culture after 200 years Byzantine and 500 years Turkish yokes!
6. Bulgaria, in its modern history never lost a battle and never lost a flag, captured by its enemies' armies.
7. Bulgaria in its modern history saved the lives of its 50,000-strong Jewish lation, despite ill-fated and ill-judged alliance with Nazi Germany!
8. Bulgaria’s “Izlel e Delio Haidutin” folk song was sent in deep space on the board of the US Space Probe -Voyager I as part of a collection of our Civilization's finest cultural artifacts - a message to an alien intelligence!
9. Bulgaria gave birth to numerous scientists, artists, and athletes (among whom is John Atanasoff –the inventor of the computer).
10. Bulgaria is one of the oldest european countries and is the only one that has not changed its name ever since it was founded.
11.According to the statistics, Bulgaria ranks third in Europe, only after Greece and Italy, for the number of its valuable archeological monuments.
12.The Bulgarian were the first people to use the cyrillic alphabet immediately after its inception in the 9 th century.
13.The Bulgarian army is the only force in the world which has never lost a single flag, although it actively participated in all major wars in Europe since the 19 th century.


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