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Published in France - First steps in eRevollution - 16 Jan 2016 05:47 - 5

Lately, a new game came out : 
Welcome to eRevollution
First thought :

    What ? Are you kidding me ? They dont even bother to change the game name ! Yeah, first I thought this game would have been a weird copy of eRepublik, and no one would have played it. And WHY THE ***  is there 2 "L" in this god damn name ? Why why the unicode dont allow me to wright " without putting a slash before ?? 
      I was right on the first point, but not on the second.
Yes eRevollution is a full copy of our dear Plato's game, but  not on every points: We have new icons !!
Hell yeah that's worth it. 

     What I came up with after 2 days it that eRevollution is a new start for eRepublik players who were tired of Plato. Here, we have...mmm...I dont actually know who's in charge here ! 
     Admin is a pretty name but not pretty enough in my opinion.  Let choose one !

Who will be our next love's name  ?

 From now ending in the end of the week (23/01), a big straw poll to choose admin's name. Because I find way more entertaining to have a admin named Plato (or whatever other name you can find) than a admin named Admin. Don't you think ? 

How does it work ? 
         First step, put on the comments bellow a name. Any name will be ok as long as you like it.               Second step, SharingThis is the most important step. If we want the strawpoll to be effective, we need lot of people to know about it. You may also vote this article so people see it in the front page.  
         After this, I'm going to do a big strawpoll with all the names suggested. And hopefully we'll get noticed and Admin will become whatever you guys chosen.

And that's it ! Easy, simple, straight. I hope you guys (and girls) will like the initiative. I'll be so sad if this article don't dont go as far as I expect. 

     So don't forget to Share and Vote (and sub ?), for the greater good. 

Ps : as promised, here's 
some sweaty sweat boobs


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Let's try "Caesarus"
lets call him "Djordje"... gives a family feeling... Smile
s v
pls ban gg29 he said your game is an ereplike