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Not too long ago, the game introduced a new system that could change the tides of a battle for one side, the Defense Systems. This system costs a lot of resources and work power to put together, something like hospitals. And this was good, as it offered a great effect and up to 24 hours of it.

As it currently stands allowing a powerful DS to stay on the field for 24h is just too much of a bonus for the stronger nations.It makes resistances and occupation attempts a lot harder and claiming that region to destroy the DS almost impossible.
Now, to balance this out I propose that we cut the duration of the systems, according to their Quality.

Q1 -12hours
Q2 - 8 hours
Q3 - 6 hours
Q4 - 4 hours 
Q5 - 2 hours

To balance this out however, you could place up to 2 Defensive systems per battle, however only one at a time, meaning the defense bonus boost stays the same.

Suggestion 2:

Now, one problem with this system is that it also encourages large countries to continue growing, as they can afford to put DSs in newly conquered regions and fend them off better. The solution to this is pretty simple. Allow countries to only place DS in their core regions, not conquered ones.This will in turn help smaller countries as they can more easily organize resistances and take back their core regions.

As well, the duration change would increase the value of lower Quality Defensive Systems in comparison to the higher quality one, and they are the ones that most small countries can afford.

Thats all for now :)

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Kikobeorkansadegh irani

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Great suggestion but 2 hrs Cheeky at least 4 hrs q5 ds
Suggestion 3 : Make attack system Increase atatck by Q1 = 5% Q2 = 10% Q3 = 15% Q4 = 20% Q5 = 25% Cost = 0,6 * defense system cost YOU CAN USE ATTACK SYSTEM DURING THE FIRST HOURS OF A BATTLE THE ATTACK SYSTEM WOULD BE DESTROYED WHEN THE BATTLE END.
Decent idea, but this system of yours can be overcome by carefully timed damage..with good coordination DS could be rendered useless.
2hrs is more then enough, cause if putted in last 2 hours, no chance for clutch/blitzkrieg in last 1-3-5-10 minutes Smile And ofc, support for DS only in core regions, not the conqored one. And 1 more thing - 35% is enormous. q5 should be 25% at max, q1-5%, q2-10%, q3-15%, q4-20%...
DS should be used only in core regions, not conquered ones.
Voted / fallen +1
no no no Laugh
No No No
1. You shouldnt be able to place a DS in a battle that already started. 2. DS should have an exact value of dmg it can repel, for example q5 - 150 mil (now). And that dmg will be added to the side that has the DS. Nothing else. 3. You want balanced alliances, yet you give 35% bonus on one side.. REMOVE ds from the game, refund those who spent on it. 4. DS on core regions only and not 24 hours. 2-3 is ok. 5. Limit the number of DS a country can have at the same time 2 for example.
You say about big countries, what about small ones? They will be in a **** hole again.
v+s+e o/
I dont like it m8. It should stay 24h, but only in core regions.
Agree with second suggestion
The second is better !
It should stay 24h, but only in CORE regions.
Well, Defence system Q5 uses 100k house raw, if they lasted only 24h i think the cost should be cut to at least 10k Laugh
So its OK. if will be agree with this xD if not, game losing meaning Sad
Sorry my friend , but already is fine ! DS can be destroyed if there is well coordinated attack!
shouldnt be able to install it during battle
s 50 v 57