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These days newbies can't even dream to compete with big guys on job market, so there is a "way out" for our small players.
The secret is to NOT HIRE workers and use your own energy instead !

1.WRM Farm
Usually, rich players have a big gap using workers in q5 heli factories and q5 raw factories. If they pay 0.8g wage, the raw cost will be arround 0.0016g per unit, which is way higher than most of markets.
Creating a q5 Iron Mine(WRM) will cost you only 35 Gold.  To keep your business running ,you can contact the big guys in your country that produce tanks/heli and ask them if they want to buy cheap raw. You could sell it for 0.001g, per unit, which result 0.5g per 500 wrm, 0.5g profit for 10 Energy !  You can Build more Iron Mines Q5 and enjoy a nice profit of 0.5g per 10 energy.

I don't encourage FRM Farm ! Usually that's cheapest raw and you will have hard time selling it.

2.Food Farm
The profit is way lower on this method than WRM Farm, but it's a safer investment. Players will always need Food.
If you want to have good profit with food farm i advice you to build Grain Farm q5.
I will ume that you produce your own FRM and the profit will be calculated without costs of producing FRM.
With q1 Food Company you will produce 200 Food q1( 400 Energy) which is 0.2g/company/10 energy
With q2 Food Company you will produce 200 Food q2 ( 800 Energy) which is 0.4g/company/10 energy

With q3 Food Company you will produce 200 Food q3 (1200 Energy) which is 0.6g/company/10 energy

I strongly advice a combination between Q5 Grain Farms + 5 q1 and 5 q2 Food Companies(there is a limit for q1/q2 companies, max 5), Investition in q3-q4-q5 Food Companies is not worthy, If you think you can hire workers, think again, even at Food q5 you can't produce enough to compete with Heli Factories.

Math is done considering that your country have 100% bonuses for Food and Weapons.

Stay away from:
Grain Farm Q1/Q2/Q4 - NOT WORTHY
Iron Mine Q1/Q2/Q4 - NOT WORTHY
Sand Mine Q1/Q2/Q4 - NOT WORTHY
Weapons Factories Q1-Q5 -NOT WORTHY ( For Now )

Out of your league:
House Factory
Hospital Factory
Defense System
Sand Mine
Stay away from ^those companies till you understand more about how the game works, ask big players in your country about those companies if you really want to invest.

Romanian version coming soon.


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Exactly what I was looking for, great article!
thx, a very good job!
the first part was good... but the second was very wrong... Sad q3 WRM company has the fastest profit... pay 10g and get 0.25g every day... means 40 days... q5 cost 35g and you get 0.5g per day means 70 days... the point when a q5 is better than a q3 is coming very very late... plus if you build a q3 for 10g you get your profit earlier than if you wait until you have saved 35g to build a q5... so the q3 is the best investment for poor new players... and i dont get why a sandmineisnt a good buisness... its the same procedure like in the weapon sector... ask someone if and at wich price he whould buy house raws and think about if it is worth the investment... food raws... well you dont earn that much and tbh without those x2 events every second week there whould be a huge overproduction in the food sector...
Well, WRM you can sell in any country in your local market, HRM it s a bit complicated, there are not so many guys that buys those. I just wanted to pick the easiest and fastest way for newbies to farm, but also thinking at long-term.About Q3-Q5 WRM, you have to use double energy on q3 WRM to get the profit of Q5, and Q5 WRM its safer long-term investment. If they plan to get many WRM companies there is no doubt that Q5 is the best choice, we have to think at saving energy too.
hmmm you have 240 hits per day for 0.005g each hit (at 2000 energy per g) plus 400 hits per day at 0.137g per hit (27.3g for 20 EDs/200 hits) plus 200 hits at 0.154g per hit (15.4g for 10 EDs/100 hits) so if you have to buy EDs to work in your comps the q5s are better than q3s... but as long as you dont have more than 190 companys the q3 is better... calculated with reinvest the earned gold into new companys until day 200... from D200 to D 250 just earning money... at the end there have been 12 q3 comps or 3 q5 comps...
For players like us who value their energy, q5 s are better, that s what i was counting on.
take a look at the screenshot of my calculation... if you want i can do it for D500 you will be impressed how much drinks you could buy for that much gold...^^ and be honest its just 1 hit per day... you do 5 hits with one klick on the battlefield... its just 6 minutes of a day... but everyone can do what he wants... but on my eyes that are the more important things you should tell someone who is new... in fact he must decide between q3 (less hits but more gold) and q5 (more hits but less gold) but if you always reinvest the money you earned innew companys the q3 has such a high growth that it outnumbers the q5... if i whould do it on a longer time (i think 1 and a half year you whould even earned enough more money with q3s to delete them and build q5s and still have more money than with just building and reinvesting in q5s... and what is doing 9 hits per day less after 200 (!!!) days but earning 2.4g per day instead of 1.35... i mean you do 10 hits with 2 klicks... it is not even one hour needed for refill