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Welcome To The Standard: 
Welcome: This is my newspaper where I try to write articles that stand out.  I will write articles starting off with what I am up to in the game. Who has the best deals on the market (I will try to always be that person)  and so fourth.  Hopefully we will become friends. 

Personal Information:

Well, I am Kai. Transferring over from Erepublik to the new world just like Christopher Columbus did in 1942 ... or wait 1492. Yeah that's it. Don't worry I am not bringing blankets of small pox with me. Most of the content on this newspaper will have something posted everyday. It might not always follow a certain format but the overriding concept is that I will always try to make your day better either with a laugh!  My newspaper will be active.  I will always take part in the conversations happening (if any)  So let's get into it. 

Gold, Jobs, and The Market!!

Gold: As of right now I have 4 gold on the market for 45 USD each. As of writing this that is the cheapest gold is. I will continue to be competitive when it comes to selling gold on the market!  Cheapest gold you will find that's my promise. 

Jobs: When it comes to jobs (not steve jobs)  I have a very basic approach. If you work for me SEVEN DAYS in a row you will get a 25 CENT RAISE. If you miss a day of work your wage will be reduced by 5 CENTS. If you miss THREE days in a WEEK I will be forced to terminate your job with me.  

As of right now I have a Q2 Food factory,  A Q3  Food Raw Materials Plant, A Q3 Weapons Factory, and A Q5 Raw Weapons Materials Plant. All of these are looking for workers  8 IN TOTAL!.  Wages will start out at $1.00  and every seven days worked will go up 25 cents! 

The Market:   I will always try to keep my stock the cheapest on the market. Right now I have Q5 weapons and Q1 weapons on the market place for little to nothing.  I also have gold on the market place as well for pretty cheap. If you can afford it the weapons are worth it! 


The end of day 5 is upon us. With all of the Sub4Sub content in the Feed. It was pretty hard to get to know the players who inhabit Erev but with time I feel like we will all get to know each other sooner or later.   If you are interested in work please check out my job. Competitive wages  (will keep a spread sheet as well.)   will be selling gold weekly on the cheap.  and the market place is a good place to go for all your needs.  

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I'm KAI  and this is The Standard.   


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