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Articles of Organization


The name of the official Armed Forces of the rUnited States shall be The rUnited States Militia.


The purpose of The rUnited States Militia is to provide reliable, directable damage to the Government of the rUnited States of America and to defend the well being of the country.


Shall be Defined in the Code of Conduct of the Militia found here …  http://eusa-erev.com/index.php?topic=210.0


Interested in joining rUSAM? Simply join the in-game MU. Minutemen Soldiers should also apply to Minutemen Training Program, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1o9uU07QLWBSEh2i0dHSrtxMC7q_B_CCZZsnIM4GqjpI/ , our official Training Program for new players to help assimilate them to the game. Higher strength players are also welcome there. With membership burgeoning, there is ample opportunity for advancement in leadership positions.

Commands of the rUSAM

Minutemen: Training Command

-Training Division

-Waiting Assignment Division (Either have went threw the training program or have refused it and just waiting get their strength up)

National Guard: Low Strength Command

-Inactives (Just do their 50 hits and leave)

-GAT “General Assignment Team” (Just fights to supplement heavier hitters, though in times of multiple battles will be assigned the battle that the heavier hitters are not in)

Armed Forces: High Strength Command

-Army Main Sub Group of the Armed Forces

-Air Forces The mercs and BH Sub Group of the Armed Forces

-Special Forces The Elite Team Sub Group of the Armed Forces

How is the MU lead?
Brief overview from the Code of Conduct.

By the JCS which consist of the 3 sections commanders, elected Chairman and appointed Vice Chairman. So the JCS consists of 3 to 5 members. Each Section has 2 to 3 Divisions with as many officers as seen fit by the Division Commander.  How are the officers choice?  The Division Commander or one of the officers under his command post a Official position notice, then their 24 hour nomination period. After 24 hours, everyone who would fall under the officer will vote, and who ever get at least a 2/5 vote gets it. For more info visit the code of conduct.

What s the Purpose of the JCS?

They advise the Secretary of Defense, the National Defense Council, the National Security Council and the President of the United States on military matters and also direct the rUSAM.

Major General Arith
Country President
Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff
CO of the Armed Forces

Major General SAR97
Secretary of Defense
Vice Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff
CO of the Minutemen

Major General Thomas Killah
Military Service Chief
CO of the National Guard


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First for the Country
O/ Smile
I am loyal to my MU, because I fight from second day already,I am first imigrant in eUSA. and second in RL because firstday I get GC to come in usa and start study in my favorite university...
To consolidate our borders our military arm must be able to react to many threats, and look like one itself. o7 Thank you for the service you provide our country.