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Jus7LeTHaL after he was elected as SC

Poland being left out in the first article

Canada,Czech and Mexico asked to be Pro-Members

Serbia and Croatia being allies despite stereotypes

TRS 2.0 promissing to balance the game and change alliances.

BornaX publishing the article of TRS 2.0

Turkey's Reaction

French Reaction

Ukraine changing sides be like

How TRS 2.0 think they look like

How they rly look like:

Marlock's reaction


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True story :p
opposed to turkish humor this is actually funny. gj.
Too funny Smile))))
Wow your so funny *(
get a life
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muhahaha!!! coool!!! How Romania realy look like Laugh
This game would have been boring without you Laugh
hahaha bro you should write an article every single day Smile
Skynet write TURKISH not turkish else i ll write crotia not Crotia AND MONKEY !!!
So funny more! MOre! MORE!
funny Smile))))
vote from me, it is funny Laugh just keep it going makes me laugh Laugh
hahhaahha yo bro you are majestic af Laugh Come at meeee brooooooooooo Kebab stronk !!!
Haha!) What s the story with Ukraine?
nice funny Smile
Kebab wants a hug coma here coma
LoL +1v
Pirinç!!!111!1!! Laugh
lol man.o7
Gj friend
Di si ti vidio Ukrajinca crnog?
the cruz-clip is awesom o/
you added gif about Ukraine and now gifs about wolf looks like about us :/
Nope, Wolves are not related to ukraine. It s about new alliance, i will edit text to make it clear.
heil turkey lol Laugh
Smile v
lool vote+support
Lol, big vote
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that Croatia + Serbia GIF is one awkward hug LMAO
add me friend gais, thenk you!