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Fin Garden in Kashan iran
Fin Garden in Kashan's Fin Bath is also the name of aPersian garden is located. He is the location where Neraddin, in 1852 AD,
his chancellor Amir Kabir killed it. History and monuments dating Fin Garden
and it goes back to the Safavid period. Garden area of ​​over 23 thousand
square meters and includes a central courtyard that by walls, battlements and
towers have been enclosed cylindrical shape. Iran are similar in many gardens,
Fin Garden substantial irrigated with water.

HistorySome historicalsources dating back to the reign of Lbvyh imply garden. According to the
sources, an earthquake hit the year 1573 AD destroyed the whole garden a garden
a few hundred meters Shd.bqayay Fin Garden (New Garden) is an old garden known.
Ilkhanan Mughal period the greatest expansion was in the old garden. However,
the current Fin Garden buildings and cultural heritage of Iran under the Shah
Abbas the Great attributed to Jamshīd al-Kāshī garden design knows. However
Scholar Sheikh Baha'i introduce garden design.

The construction and garden in Shah Safi and Shah Abbas II developments
continued and reached a peak. Building entrance, Safavid palace and one of the bathrooms
are a product of this period. Safavid King Solomon also built lines around the
fountain Finn that Finn would probably rename Fountain Springs was
Sulaimaniyah. From the end of Safavid and Zand dynasty and in conjunction with
Afghan attack Nader campaigns, not paying attention to the garden. Karim Khan
Zand and coincide with the period of several successive earthquakes, garden and
its buildings was repaired and the building was deserted Karimkhani added.

During the reign of Fath Ali Shah, large parts of the garden were added to the
building. Almost rest of the buildings in the garden, all a product of this
era. But with the death of Fath Ali Shah, so it was left to deal with gardens
and trees and even parts of the garden vanished. The National Register of this
work in seventy years ago, and its handle was more important. Pahlavi, the
building of the National Museum in Kashan on the ruins of the deserted
Nzamaldvlh and materials between libraries and baths were built in and other
buildings were also repaired. Mismanagement and neglect in recent years,
causing irreparable damage is to the garden.

RepairIn 1935,coinciding with the National Register of this work, the central pool building's
private gardens repaired Grft.dr 1336 Nzamaldvlh which was completely
destroyed, rebuilt and dedicated to National Museum. Repair of other
architectural elements such as the Belvedere in 1979.
In 1387 continue to organize carpets, providing ground cover plant pathology
and treatment plan records Fin Garden, ponds and streams organizing outflow
tract into the garden, restoration of the building in Chinese knot in the wood,
debris and Safavid palace Roofing and organization of waterways as well as
debris and roofing Western Zlgh was also installed surveillance cameras garden.

Looking for global registration filing of this work, in 1389, UNESCO issued the
order changes in roads and sidewalks garden that changes have been made.

Garden ArchitectureDynamic elements are elements that water and tree nextto buildings that are fixed elements of architectural, cultural and historic
identity alive to this effect worst. Fin Garden is one of the most important
examples of Persian Gardens that is still alive and well. It also introduces
the garden as well as how to create a cultural landscape.


Finn garden design,water was the key element. Finn faces stagnant water in the garden (in front of
the swimming pool and pool house pavilion Safavi), psychology (in the rivers)
jets (jets) and boiling (Water emerge from holes in the floor regularly dock at
the dock welding and spring house Fath Ali Shah of the Safavid and Shtrglvy)
presence have.extensive gardens behind the walls.
Flowing water in rivers, ponds and garden pools of spring water springs
Sulaymaniyah funded initially collected in a pool in the back garden. The pool
height difference of the level of rivers, create a gravity method has allowed
jets of water over the cliff.

How tobuild and fountains performance

Water enters from one side and the end of the tube is blocked water from thefountains outside. Because the slope of the ground to be split pressure have
different tube diameters. The beginning of the end of the thicker tube is thus
split pressure and water into the fountain is removed. The main dock of twelve
springs of water gushing into the weld pool referred to it. Since then, tiles,
turquoise water flows in rivers. A color that contrasts with the color of the
surrounding desert soil.

Designerwater system

System design, the famous mathematician and tenth century Safavid era, isGhiyasuddin Kashi. His two hundred years before Pascal's law and use of the
natural slope of the land


The Fin Garden plants, including 579 trees, cypress and sycamore trees is11.served in Persian literature as a symbol of human beauty in this choice was
not affected.

Most of the trees, between 100 and 470 years old. During the past fifteen
years, and especially after 1386, a series of disastrous drought and disease
factors cause the tree. Factors such as physical containment unprincipled,
non-professional intervention, severe frostbite, crossed wires and cables and
Lvlhgzaryhay installation, creating walkways surrounded by trees with lime and
cement, dishonest and unprincipled irrigation, pest mealybug, ignoring the
recipe trees, management problemsOfficials cultural heritage end to the
"useful life" because of drying trees they know.
Buildings element

Main article: Fin Bath

In the initial design of the garden, have been particularly important tomaintain symmetry. Gradually and with the involvement of kings, from the
symmetry is reduced. This departure from the axis of symmetry of movement in
the garden and the buildings added after the Safavids to be seen.

In the center of the garden, Safavid palace is located. Small bathroom and
entrance building other buildings make up the Safavid period. Qajar palace with
beautiful ceiling and wall paintings in the bottom of the garden and the garden
is located outside the axis of symmetry. Royal Baths, the National Museum,
quiet alcove Abnyhay Karimkhani and rooms that have been added since the
Safavid Garden Buildings

Posición y uso actualFin Garden in Kashanin 9 km from the center and at the end of the current Amir Kabir Street Village
is a little old Finn. The garden is adjacent to and upstream of Sulaimaniyah
spring is plain with a gentle slope. Now part of the existing buildings and
Kbabkhanh devoted to tea. Finn access to the garden through the streets of Amir
Kabir done. Public transport such as minibuses from the center of the city of
Kashan access to them.
National Museum of Kashan in the garden was closed from 1385 to 1389 and in
February 1389 has been re-established. Today, visiting various parts of the
garden is possible, along with Naqsh-e Jahan Square and the Palace Chehel, most
visitors and will attract tourists to the province

Customs Kashan

Rose up in Kashan Ghamsar
The emergence ofevolutionary botany rose to about 50 million years ago is attributed. Open the
species in different climatic zones, it has created many different varieties.
The number of species "Rose" from the root word "case" in "Avesta",
thousands of copies and rose to hundreds of species variety is genetically
In the meantime,Rose Damask Ghamsar of the species "" DOMASK - rose due to the
particular conditions of ecological change the genetic structure of the best
rose varieties in terms of gender, the type and amount of oil has created.
There are works in the region remained designs on ceramics silk flowers and
poems and travelogues of various scientists have stressed that overall there is
Ghamsar goals.
In this area, we can from the world famous "Mohammad Mohsen Faiz
Kashani" spent a lifetime in Ghamsar and "Chardin" the famous
French traveler in the era of Shah Abbas and then "Pollack German" in
his travelogues noted the existence of goals in Ghamsar have named. As a
substance distilled water, aromatic and various applications has long been
considered sacred by the inhabitants of the region, according to various
documents showing the ancient history, especially in Ghamsar Dard.tarykh
Glabgyry as distillation and extraction method is still the most efficient
technique, the ancient ritual "Easter pear" is opening today in
Kashan "Ltan" is known.
"Abu Abdullah Qasany" in the seventh century AH discussed in the book
that introduced a variety of fragrances, detailed content about Glabgyry by using
a combination of "retort, alembic and midwives" stated. Ghamsar
Glkhyz Kashan, Golestan province of this country is the largest and well
Rayhhtryn. Ghamsar addition to the history of floriculture, most original,
finest and most technically produced water to be allocated. One of the primary
Glabgyry Mnhsrtryn methods in this section distillation method called
"Tirmidhi" (produced water with concentrations above). Reviving and
contemporary view of the archaeological and over 200 types of techniques in
this conventional method, which in the past has been revived once again.

Beautiful andfamous city of Kashan, Iran is a powerful country.
I suggest you make sure to visit the city of Kashan in Iran where others see
Iran has yet to see other wells

Be proud and victorious


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