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The Eighth
Battle click

Bule side

Red side

1. Get Blue side(left) Top 8 damage can get 40 G
2. Get Red side(right)  Top 8 damage can get 40 G
3. Get both side Top 8 damage 40 G + 40 G + bonus 20 G

Show your skill in this game

Use weapons to fight once, push damage over 6th 7th etc.
It s will be a lot fun

Hi Venezuela Peru

Halfway Live    Time left【10:20:26】


Comments (12)

Nice Smile
good job
This game will be very exciting last minute
Do i have to apply in advance or I can just join now?
Yes join for free
Nice skill guys. 80 gold sent Laugh
Nice game ♥
@Magellan Thank you, but only 5 player join us. 40G like no good :C