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VISIT OFFICIAL WEB SITE OF BELGIUM: http://governmentbe.wix.com/belgium

Dear Belgians,

Government of Belgium wants to boost Citizens progress. Belgium have 10,000 BEF in Treasury. From that money, we will sponsor our Citizens. 5.000 BEF will be sent out to Belgians, and 5.000 will stay in Treasury for Country needs.

Formula is next:

If you want to receive money from the state, there are few requirements:

1. Must be Citizen of Belgium
2. Level 21+
3. Strength 500+

NOTE: If you are level 21+, but don't have 500 Strength points, you won't receive money. Same apply for Strength > level.


Level 21: 50 BEF
Level 22: 60 BEF
Level 23: 70 BEF
Level 24+: 80 BEF, plus 20 BEF for every next level


500-549: 60 BEF
550-599: 70 BEF
600-649: 80 BEF
650+: 90 BEF plus 20 BEF for every 50 strength points

You have to fill this form, and to wait for Government to check your data.

LINK: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/15d_WnpYVYrFzBHV9ArcmsJ3YrwkxPO0gJSE3Y9crc3o/viewform

We are implementing the USWE agreement again, this time, France will take Wallonia only, and Belgium will keep Brussels, and Flanders. We are stopping TW with UK, because they dont have CP.

President of Belgium,


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