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One Mission One Goal

SEAL Team Six is Recruiting!

What is SEAL Team Six?

SEAL Team Six is an elite mobile branch. Our primary focus is to deliver support to our Allies to aid them both in freeing their regions through resistance wars, and in suppressing our enemies attempts to regain their regions. If things are slow on the foreign-front, or if there is a pressing threat we will be found defending our Allies from attack, or helping to spearhead the Allied offensive.

How is ST6 structured?

SEAL Team Six Members are divided into three Teams.

Green Team (TST6 - Training SEAL Team Six)
Strength Required:0-900

This is where all new members begin their life in ST6.The name is a bit of a misnomer: this Team is dedicated to the selection of SEALs. The goal within this group is to show you are active and dedicated enough to be a member of SEAL Team Six.

Red Team
Strength Required: 900-1,900
This is the main division of SEAL Team Six. Red Team members are expected to remain highly active and mobile to deploy at all times. This Team follows the “traditional” structure. They deal with fast damage Aka Blitzkrieg.

Gold Team
Strength Required: 1,900+
The elite of the elite. Gold Team members are SEALs who have proven themselves with their activity and ability to do what it takes to win battles. They are the artillery of Seal Team 6. Gold Team operates under a different structure than that of the Red Team. This Team reports directly to two Sr. Officers.

Prior to applying to become a member in the Gold Team you must have successfully have more than  20 True Patriot Medal and 15 True Ally Medal

What are the requirements to join SEAL Team Six?

- Willing to work in a commune ignment
- Show significant amount of growth
- Willing to remain active, follow orders and fight to the best of your ability
- IRC or Discord activity is required

If you have any questions or Queries  please contact AbrahamLincoln or spitfireYG


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[ST6HQ] !!!Now Recruiting!!!
Hurrah Seals!
There was a glitch in the forms but its now fixed
this sounds so similar to rUSAM our national MU, ohhh wait it probably is a copy with few changes :p Staying with the NMU myself
Umm @SAR97 we have been organizing squads in ST6 since day 1 in eRev and I can get you some data for that so your feeble attempt to stop our progress won t work.
Yes you had squads, though we came up with the 3 section idea with str requirments. From day one you had 4 squads by damage i think it was, and now that you go private you copy pretty much the layout of rusam. granted you did have squads from day one but not exactly how rUSAM our national NMU was layied out
We did it with STRENGTH from the start you can go check Seal Team 6 library in the national forums. These are screenshots from January few weeks after the game started PM me if you need some more
Jesus people.... Each MU fights for the country so please, stop with this squabble. What difference does it make if both MUs use similar organization? Seriously.
Why does ST6 have like 300+ members and rUSAM only have like 45+ members and its the NMU? Forgive me for maybe a dumb question but i have only been here 2 days.
Politics @TricyDick. It s straight politics.