British Workers Party

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British Workers Party

Greetings members of the eUK. Welcome to the First Broadcast from your Party leader Pepples I would like to come and join Us all here in the Workers party and the main Military unit of the United Kingdom the Royal British Army.

Due to poor understanding and communication the eUK has suffered in the first 120 days of this new world. Coming together in the predicament we have at the moment. Two - Five players pulling everyone in opposite directions, Yes this includes me I wont hide that fact. But the time has some to unite, thanks to the hard work of jny123 we have had battles with eBELGIUM and will continue to do so until a point comes where were confident enough of defending ourselves and our allies with vigour, drive and passion.

I would like the chance to run your country with the help of those who support me and believe I am the right man for the job. over the next few weeks I will step up my campaign to run this country I will outline my manifesto. I will deliver you a country that has its own laws its own land and flourishing Economy. Over the last 2 weeks I have spent many hours talking to the French MoFa about how we can unite our countries without hurting the French and regaining some of the sovereign land we once held. Those talks are still on going. But I need your help, I need your votes. Congress elections are first on the agenda, With your support Country President.

Plain and to the point. thanks for taking the time to read this.

Vote Pepples84 into congress make eUK whole again!



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Ive seen and read this Havent been aware of your articles Pepples.Anyway great article. Good luck on CP position and all your future actions.You have my support.