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Greetings everyone,

As some of you may have realised, I have been absent for the past month. This absence is mostly due to RL constraints as well as reasons of other nature. Some of the current government officials have attempted to use that reason for excuses and other sorts of nonsense, which I have now the opportunity to fully disavow. 

The truth is, regardless of whatever personal reasons I may have had to be away for a bit, my real life is no ones business and should not be part of political or personal scru in this game. Fact that some people out there tend to forget and I will be obliged to remind them then and again.

Now the topics for today are very simple:

1. The History of the war with Japan and how current politicians attempt to use that.
2. Legal irregularities
3. Seal Team 6 and Q4 Hospital

The History of the War with Japan

The war with Japan all started when a couple of Japanese government officials sent a message to a few members of my cabinet during my first term with a threat to pretty much either "stop supporting EAGLE or we will attack". At the time we contacted the then President Kamineko of Japan in order to sort things out and there was even a Referendum on whether we should or should not sign a NAP with Japan that also included MPPs with certain countries as defensive measures.

The people at the time voted against such agreement but the American citizens were open to further renegotiations of this, however an event brought both countries to war. This event was a direct order from EAGLE HQ to attack Ukraine. Ukraine had close ties with Japan back then and Japan as a loyal ally of Ukraine decided to get their allies to attack USA, thus starting the first Japanese invasion.

During this invasion an incident brought Kamineko out and USA managed to win a battle in Alaska. During that day, given what happened and the fact that Japan had lost in a blink of an eye part of their infrastructure, the Japanese government approached me, the then President to negotiate a temporary NAP between our countries. Conditions were set and the Treaty of Nebraska ceased the First Japanese Invasion.

Things carried on, EAGLE was getting stranded here and there and at a point we were fighting a rather unbalanced war between two major alliances. Leaving EAGLE would have been disastrous because then we would piss off most of our allies and it would take time for new friendships to arise and trust to be built with other countries. In other words, we'd lose prestige and we'd be seen as a disloyal country with a disastrous foreign policy.

With the new alliance The Rising Sun being created, Croatia leaving EAGLE and TRS having around roughly 55% to 60% of the world damage focused against EAGLE and taking in consideration that the main purpose of TRS was to completely destroy EAGLE, Japan has decided to invade again after the Treaty of Nebraska expired.

The reason for this invasion wasn't just because we were in EAGLE but a fact that a lot of people seem to forget is that USA has naturally full bonuses in their core regions which makes of us a target for many other nations who don't have, not to mention we had a resource Japan needed: Granite. In an effort to end an unbalance alliance war the member countries of EAGLE have voted and decided in favor of the dissolution of the alliance. Naturally some countries with whom TRS has some sympathy towards either for having a reasonable and sound diplomatic approach or for being respectful opponents have been spared from being completely wiped.

The second invasion ended with the Treaty of Washington at the end of my 2nd term which was negotiated between me and the government of Japan with the approval and knowledge of TRS HQ.

Now, it is important to note that this is pretty much a factual report of what happened and there are a couple facts to mention here too:

1. My cabinet for a few times wanted to leave EAGLE. I refused mostly for the afored mentions above: We'd piss off our allies and we'd be badly seen in terms of international relations.

2. Some members of the current cabinet don't realise a couple things: One, we didn't have helis or weapons to be able to do a proper opposition, not really for lack of supply system but mostly because some of the other countries have benefited at the time from building many Q1 heli factories. Not to mention that our VISA players weren't visa enough to afford 1000g in order to make helis. There was also the part where we were very tight regarding using State money for that, mostly because of what happened in Brazil where the CP used state money to make factories and saw all his factories dissolved and hundreds of gold that was invested lost.

3. The current government members need to understand a few things:

One: In some cases you don't choose who your opponent is or who will attack you. It simply happens. This is a war based game after all and getting attacked is inevitable. It will happen always, the only variable is who the attacker will be.

Two: The Polish CP was willing to sacrifice battles and some of the polish regions to help USA back then, these are things real allies do for each other. You don't backstab the countries who are willing to sacrifice their own for you. It's just not right. Here you have one of the major reasons why I was so against leaving EAGLE.

Three: It is disgraceful that certain government members attempt to use this as political leverage against me. It is rather shameful that people have to go so low as using the fact someone had to be inactive at a rather unconvenient time when I had to leave the country had already a peace treaty and all that was needed to be done was recovering the regions and get active people to run things. And to the top of it: I wasn't CP.

4. In the words of Shiro and Naki (government of Japan) - "USA would be wiped if it wasn't for Abe." - You're welcome America. :)

Legal Irregularities

Upon my return, I was pretty much considering to just stay as a retired politician and just get back to Commanding Seal Team 6, however I came accross the fact I am a current US Congressman. According to many sources, maybe the last of the congressional species.

Some members of the current cabinet had the grip to tell me in my face that the Constitution and the Congressional Code is outdated. These are false allegations considering that Congress has not ped any bill except for the National budget over the past weeks.

Now considering that the national laws are still in force and that the office of the Presidency is a sworn office to protect the Constitution of the United States, I will point out certain irregularities here:

1. The current President is the Speaker of the House as well.

According to the law, if the Speaker runs for President and gets elected, he needs to resign his position and appoint a new Acting Speaker for the reminder of the Congressional term. So far this did not happen, however it is to note that Congress has been inactive and after conversations with President Arith we have agreed to leave this until the next Congressional elections coming on the next 15th. 

2. The issues of the official IRC channel

Yesterday there was a dispute regarding the official IRC channel. According to the US Constitution the official IRC channel is #erev-usa on Rizon server, however certain government members have decided to push for a new channel to be created simply for the fact I still have admin access on it. The admin access was trusted to me by the channel caretaker Biohaze so someone could give accesses and manage the channel whenever he couldn't. I have for a fact edited a couple accesses to give cabinet members their correct access and remove other people that are not part of the cabinet their access. However the saltiness of one person has caused a chain reaction that escalated into a sheer abuse of power by creating a new channel and naming it official. The few cabinet members even had the grip to say that the SoH approved it.

Now.. the SoH does not have the authority to do such thing. For a fact the current SoH shouldn't be SoH for the previously mentioned reasons. Secondly, the SoH does not have the authority to single handedly amend the constitution without a Congressional discussion and a 2/3 approval in Congress to get that ped. Third, I honestly don't think this was the idea of our current President to get done. I could be wrong but I heard from President Arith stating publicly that he will uphold to the Constitution.

Lastly, I have left caretaker Biohaze a message regarding this issue asking him to make a decision upon the legal alternatives he has in front of him since he can either resign as caretaker and pick a new one himself or name someone for backup. As long as there is a contingency in place. I take the opportunity to inform that if the cabinet members so much want my access yanked, I have no issues in having it yanked after Biohaze has decided which way he'll take in order to solve this debacle.

3. Congressional inactivity is no excuse.

The Congressional law predicts cases where Congress is inactive. In this particular cases, the President may use Executive orders in order to get things ped in Congress. This Executive Orders have the same legal value as a regular Congressional bill, so the government has no excuse to not follow the proper legal channels in order to suggest changes. The only thing the President can't achieve with Executive orders is really changing the constitution, that will always require Congressional oversight since that type of bill is not a regular bill and requires 2/3 majority to p.

All in all, what I am trying to tell the government is something very simple: I am a congressman, it is my job to legislate and make sure the proper legal procedures are followed. I have no ill towards anyone and I don't think you are doing a bad job, I do however think some of you lack very much in the communication department. I am more than willing to advise regarding the proper procedures to follow should the Executive seek my advice.

Seal Team 6 and Q4 Hospital


Some people may not be aware but during my time away, my workers gave me enough workforce to simply make a Q4 hospital in a matter of days. I could have sold this hospital to the government and cash some money myself but I have decided I will not do that.

As such and considering that I am a citizen of this country too, I will give this hospital to the US Government for free. The hospital will be installed in a region to be designated by the current President Arith, the construction is expected to be completed in 2 days.

Seal Team 6

As the aftermath of some disputes and certain communication difficulties, Seal Team 6 has decided to depart as a National Military Unit into the private sector. As such, ST6 will continue to operate as a mercenary Military Unit.

Now, fear not! Just because we will go Mercenary, it does not mean we don't have rules. Our ties are to the United States and should the National Security Council request our help in American wars, we will fight along side of our brothers free of charge! We may however have different rules now and a new structure is being drafted.

We are also happy to announce that our Military Unit will accept as members any citizen of any country that is allied with USA and willing to comply with our rules and we are also announcing that we will be providing as supplies Q5 helis. This supplies are to be extended to all ST6 members! So if you want to help our country increase the firepower and fight for gold, Seal Team is your home and we will welcome you with open arms!

Final remark:

I have no ill towards our current President, in fact he is a good friend of mine. I have no ill towards most of the government members, I do have a lot against proceeding against the law and I will fight for the irregularities to be corrected. Irregulatiries get corrected and I will go back to do my thing. :) I also have to point out that part of the disputes that happened during the past days could have been avoided if certain people knew how to communicate. I believe you can all imagine how frustrating and infuriating it can be when you are trying to work with people who give you different and sometimes contradictory information.

I also take the opportunity to thank Shiro and Naki for the honorable mention in their article and I am sorry I wasn't around at the time to witness it.

You may all now return to your regularly scheduled clicking!

Thank you and kind regards,


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2. The issues of the official IRC channel Yesterday there was a dispute regarding the official IRC channel. According to the US Constitution the official IRC channel is #erev-usa on Rizon server Why are we wasting time with this...
+1 ^ According to the US Constitution the official IRC channel is #erev-usa on Rizon server Why are we wasting time with this... Why are YOU people wasting time with it. Not you obviously... I meant YOU guys.
Voted! Thank you for the information regarding Japan and for saving the US!