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Yes, as you see, Jimmy told about Ukraine propaganda in his article. Idk how he found out about it, but now every player know that we are propagandists((9((99(.
So I, as Minister of Ukraine propaganda, decided to show you some our propagandistic posters because it's not secret anymore.
Here you can see President of Serbia and Emperor of Japan, who trying to attack Great and Stronk Ukraine.
This poster calls our soldiers to fight against enemies.
I think after Jimmy saw this poster, he decided to expose us.

We wanted to make more propagandistic posters, but after Jimmy's article published, we must close up Ministry of Propaganda(((9(.


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n1 m8 !
Хороша стаття!) Ukraine propaganda! strong. but voted.
xD brilliant!!!!! Smile
Very well made propaganda poster because Crimean Peninsula, not belongs to Ukraine anymore.... ;P
So sad Sad
this country dont exist in RL
We will bbbbbbring our propaganda to the world!o
Votado Laugh
Do your propaganda, that s what your best at Smile
Мат Россија !
ahahahahahha good one Laugh
V, nice!
Where is Vladika, there is my vote haha Laugh o7
V _
ahahaha you re best
nice art xD
But Ukrainian not Ukraine)
Jimmy wrote so and i repeated him