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Good day fellow eRevollutians!

This is going to be the first article of ShortList Magazine and I hope that it s gonna be the first of many. In this article we will look at what the admin has been up to. What are the trending topics in shouts and of course the future of the game. And before I start I would like to ask everyone to click that vote and subscribe button before or after reading this article and if needed I will return the favour! If you enjoy and want to support me as a journalist you can also endorse. Thanks!

1. So what have admin been up to since the opening of this game? Probably the main thing would be counting the money that is coming into their hands from the gold buyers but unfortunately it is hard to tell what are the incomes in such short tome. Taking in consideration that most of the top players have bought some amount of golds means that the income could be at least few hundreds of euros. But lets give admins some credits as well. In the few days the game admins have posted several articles including tutorials and updates on what have they added in the game and what have they fixed. All that you can find in their newspaper - Admin news!

2. When something new happens there is always gossip and news around it. Well, at least in real life world, but this is not real life, so what have been the main topic and trending on shout boxes? Honestly - rubbish! The main topic everyone is spamming and what you can read about is - Sub4Sub and Vote4Vote. Basically people want to get fast medals and there is no better time as this where to ask for subscribers in return for subscriber and vote for a vote when everyone is going for that Media Mogul medal. The press is not yet grown and there is not much to talk about so people are just hunting medals. I must say that there have been some tries to write a proper article, something that I am doing now, but anyhow the sub and vote exchange is the trending topic in the shout box and I believe it will be for at least few more days as more people are joining and trying to get this rather easy medal while they still can.

3. And the last topic in this article but not the least important and I might even point it out that this is the main topic for today - What is the future of this game? The question is obvious as we do not know much about who is making this game and I bet that a lot of us have been in such situation in the past where we come from a similar game and join this type of game to be the leaders and not lose the opportunity to be the best with the knowledge we already have. At the same time we would like to not see the same mistakes that the games before this have made but at the moment it seems that we are still heading that direction as it is obviously pay2win. I must say that the first gold buyers are really brave people to invest in this game so early in a hope that it will stick around. Also there are tons of multies and how admins will deal with them will also show us the future of the game. It is obvious that the game owners are enthusiasts without budget to create an original game in terms of content and for that reason we are seeing a lot of copyrighted graphics and materials from similar game we all know and in case that similar game will decide to take legal actions against the creators of this game we might see it to be shut down sooner than we expected. Will the game stay? Will the creators make this a succesful project? Those are the questions that only time will tell us. Some other questions can be found in this article.

Thank you for your time if you read this article! My name is Mr_B and I wish you the best in here and other places too!

Let us all enjoy this musical piece of art


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