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Hello again , my fellow friends !

This time i want to talk about Energy Drinks, how toxic they can be for the game and how we can prevent their "unlimited" potential.

Let's say that i, BattleHero, citizen of Romania, want to buy Energy Drinks every day and stack them for a month to crush my enemies.
There are 3 types of Enerdy Drinks on shop, 20x, 10x and 2x. That means you can buy 32x every 12 hours, 64 ED per 24h(per day).
In 30 days i would stack 1920 Energy Drinks ! 1920 ED x 100 Energy each = 192.000 ENERGY !
If my damage per hit(10 energy) with Heli q5 is 40k, having 19.200 hits x 40k Damage that would result a possible damage of 768 Milions in a single battle with no boost ! If i would add that beautifull Q5 booster from eRev Pack that would be , OVER 1 BILION DAMAGE in just a month of stacking Energy Drinks!

If you think that buying this amount of ED is way too expensive, think again
20 ED pack = 27.3G * 30Days = 819 Gold
10 ED pack = 15.4G * 30Days = 462 Gold
2   ED pack =   3.5G * 30Days = 105 Gold
819+462+105 = 1386 Gold for 1920 Energy Bars.
You think that Heli q5 are way too expensive? Not really.
19.200 Heli q5 * 0.08g each = 1.536 Gold
With 2922 Gold you can BREAK the server for real in just a month.

Peoples are afraid of "unlimited" , cos, indeed, anyone with a decent VISA can do it. You can stack EB as much as you want.

There are 2 good ways i can think at to limit energy bars:

1.Temporary Energy Bars !
Once bough, you got 24 hours to consume Energy Drinks or they will expire and dissapear from your storage. That will force players to USE bought energy bars at that day, canceling the possibility to stack them. That option should not affect energy bars from Daily Order.

2.Limit Number of Energy Bars you can have on storage!
Let's say, as example, that admins would set a limit on the number of Energy Drinks you can have on storage. A good limit would be 64, max energy bars you can buy per day. If i got over 64 ED, if i try to buy more i will get a error like "You exceeded the amount of Energy Bars(64) you can have in your storage".  That should not affect Energy Drinks from DO ! You will be able to p that limit only with ED from Daily Order.



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good one o/ or even a limit to use them in one day so u can stock more but use just 30 of them per day that would also help a lot ô7
With idea number 2 i can wait to next day use all 64 and buy more 32. I dea number 1 is better in my opinion.
+ Tannin, just use limit to drink them, 20xday, or 30xday no more, this is better of all Cheeky
Kami, indeed, you are right, but idea number 1 is harder to implement by devs. Even idea 2 is better than what we have now.
Are you crazy? So the low like my with 1k in strengh never go to win 1 battle hero if save like 2 months Energy And Booster from OD for spend in 1 battle only for win the BH. And what is you complain? If you have 2,2k in strenght and A lot medalls?. Also visa player and Erevollution Ambassador???
Shadow Fire, that s not about a BH. That s about the unlimited potential a VISA player can have. I can WIN a battle alone against any alliance, against thousands of players.
But you are a VISA PLAYER. You dont want some1 with more $$ than you spend a thousand $$ and you can do anything about that because youre only a visa with 1 star. So you preten to others lost the energy bars or dont save a lot because you cant win???. So i go to lose 100 energy bars because you think about you smarth idea right?
You got me wrong my friend: . I am one of those players who can do that damage. The thing is i don t want anyone to be able to deal that amount of damage in one day, i m for the balance between small and big, between poor and rich.
daily bullshit
Why not? Because you can lose you country?. If you do it 1 time, why do it not? Or fixed??. 1.Temporary Energy Bars 2.Limit Number of Energy Bars you can have on storage: But How you have 8 medals from BH, 114 from TP and 38 from TA??. And why you dont do this articule in the firsts days of the Erevollution??? You born in the first month, and now you come with this????
Looks like you got smth against me Smile There is no way to exploit energy bars, the costs are way too big to profit from it. I got 114 Society Builder, not TP, 80 TP and 38 TA because i worked hard, not because of visa.
Just remove ED from shop, only way to achieve it is from daily order, 1 per one... 30 in month, 365 in year..
Of sure sure, You have a Star Lvl 1 from Visa because the admin from the game give you Laugh. Come on ¬¬, you dont want some1 more rich like you spend more and defeat you in the battle or defeat the battle. Is not btw poor and rich, is btw who is more rich them you and can spend more $$
I won t even try to argue with you about that or i will get a head pain. It s exactly what you say, whatever you say. Now let the others talk too and stop spamming please.
Why? They can talk too or answer. Like i Asked before. Why you dont make this in the first month?. You re a visa player to. And now wanna limit others because you cant spend more $$??. And who never spend $$. You wanna limit more?
I was 2 click in first 2 months, became active not long ago. And, ofc, i wasn t aware of that, what s wrong if i m trying to fix bad things? i don t understand why you are against this,it s good for small players like you, maybe you didn t read the article well, you are overexaggerating with your comments and hostile attitude. That s the last time i m replying to your message. If you are seeking for fights, go somewhere else. #Ignored
hmmm we are talking about rich players right? that means we are talking about people wich can produce the q5 helis on their own... so you should use the right numbers... i think 0.5g per day is a common salary on the international market... and 0.0006g per weapon raw is a common price too... in that case the production of a q5 heli whould cost 0.025g... 0.025*19200=480g
btw it was all calculated as worker production... the manager work production was not included so it whould be even cheaper than 480g to produce those q5 helis...
Second one i think is better
what about hardsorkers who collect ed from do ..if admins set a limit for it it wont be fun anymore
I already said, that limit won t affect ED from DO, you didn t read the article well.
if there are people so mental to spend 3K on this [CENSORED] then LET THEM!
I have to disagree on this one, because who would wait 1 month to spend 3.000g to win ONE battle? Cheeky
agree to Jimmy86
Do you realize that one would ned to spend over 500 Euro o.O Don`t think anyone (sane) will do for a game that.
@Solar Dragon, especially to win ONE battle
It s only 1386g for ED. Costs for q5 heli would reduce alot if you produce them and.. if you got bigger str you would do alot more damage, math is done for mine which is low.
The game will balance itself. Stop trying to make everything perfect. Economy and Military modules work this way.
Another possibility is to crate a limit of how many energy bars you can use in a single battle, 50 shuld be a right number for visa player and non visa player. Furthermore i can state that i know many player of another game (just in my county, that is not the richest in the world) that would be able to spend 500 € In one day for a game like this, just to win,so ppl that are insane exist and are many.