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Published in United States of America - First steps in eRevollution - 15 Jan 2016 16:25 - 5

Today's Date: 1/15/16
Author(s): Apollos, White House Press Secretary
Topic(s): First Election, Cabinet
Good evening, America.

It has been another good day here in the eUSA. I wanted to acquaint you all with our first President and his Cabinet, now that the first elections are complete.

Our very first eUSA President is Biohaze. Biohaze has a great reputation in the gaming community for his hard work ethic, new player education, and media presence. (See his great newspaper here for a sample of his work.) In our first days here in the eUSA, new players are at the forefront of everyone's mind. There are some veterans from similar games, and some brand new rookies, ready to make an impression. Biohaze's background for player education and retention are a great fit for our current goals.

    Vice President: CovowChief of Staff: VACANTSecretary of State: AbrahamLincolnSecretary of the Interior: HunBurrySecretary of Defense: ObligeSecretary of the Treasury: EddieAWhite House Press Secretary: Apollos
    Bolster the armed forces through regular battles, encouraging all players to level up rapidlyCreate strategic alliances with key allied to ensure a well-protected interior, as well as to protect eAmerican interests abroadFill Congress with as many active players as possibleBegin passing legislation to support the aforementioned goals, as well as to ensure an efficient method and protocol for conducting eAmerican politics.
Tips for New Players
    Save your gold - many new players spend gold impulsively and leave little room for strategy. As the game moves along, there will be many opportunities to spend your gold wisely, some not even created yet. Make sure you have done your due diligence and have a plan for your moneyTrain and fight regularly - We will keep the battles coming. Fight as much as possible (without getting too low to support with your food supply) to build up our collective strengthJoin the army - Our primary army is Seal Team Six. Once you have joined, orders from the Commander will help you stay engaged in regular battle, and you'll also be able to better connect with fellow citizens.Read the party and military shout boxes. This is the best way to exchange information with other citizens in game. Please do not spamJoin IRC. This is the best way to socialize and build relationships with others in the eUSA. Find the chat room at the following link: Once there, use your in-game nickname and join room #erev-usa. See you thereAsk questions! This is the last and possibly most important step. I have saved myself a great deal of heartache and gold by asking experienced players questions. Reach out on the shout wall or IRC, and we'll help each other.

We aren't the biggest eCountry, but we are the best! Great to see so many of you getting involved. I'm excited to see what's in store for us!

(PS: Your votes and subs serve to ensure this information gets to all our citizens!)


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Great Stuff Laugh V+S
There are couple of points I'd like to propose/discuss with you guys. 1. As USA is the best nation in the world economically (we have all resources, most x2,x3) sooner or later people gonna want to change citizenship and join us. We will have to recruit strong fighters. 2. We will always be minor nation as we don't have many citizens, fighters so our top priority must be to secure our borders and just keep em till we have better military. In that area it would be wise to have long-term MPPs with the strongest nations in the game - Serbia for ex. 3. I proposed increasing the import tax to 99%, sooner or later we WILL have to do it. 4. I don't have time at the moment but it would be wise to make a quick tutorial so new players can just follow it and don't make mistakes from the very start.