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Hello fellow members of DSP, PrP, Leftists, and all other citizens of the rUSA! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Thomas Killah, and I am the current PP and founder of DSP. As most of you may know, DSP has not been very active media-wise, our last article being the announcement of our party. So thus, you can ume this article must be important. And indeed it is.

Before going into what this important thing is, I will talk a little bit about the state of the DSP leading up to our announcement. DSP was founded as the 2nd political party in the USA, a safe-heaven for all Leftists, Socialists, Commies, etc. However, after increasingly fast growth, DSP had an unusually little amount of activity - this was most likely due to many new citizens joining the game and our party, intrigued by what we preached, and only died a bit later after giving up on the game. This slowly became a terminal disease within our community, with only a few active members participating in congress elections, the forums, and IRC. Although there were several attempts to revive the party, the sparks of life blew out with the wind. This dire state of the party, and the increasing dominance of the right-wing Federalist Party, has led our leadership to make some hard and previously taboo decisions. The rise of the PrP was seen by many members of DSP as unnecessary and hostile, making us lose members to PrP, causing a divided Leftist front, and rising sentiment between the parties. However, after extensive talks, DSP and PrP have agreed to come together and unite under a single unified cause in a merger agreement.

So as my final words as PP of DSP, I urge all members of DSP to help usher in this new era in rAmerican politics for the betterment of our cause and our country! I also urge members of PrP to accept our fellow DSP members with open arms and minds. I understand that some will still refuse to switch parties due to the aforementioned sentiment, but I truly believe that if we work together, we can change the course of America's future into one that we can all be proud of.  Thank you all!

Thomas Killah


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Wow, mergers in politics. Nice. I wish you guys the best of luck Laugh
^ that...
This is interesting indeed Smile
We will welcome our leftist brothers with open arms.