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Due to lack of forum(s) the only way to discuss issues is through newspaper articles. A bad habbit another game used to have (and still has) and that erevollution should overcome. Communication in games like these, is essential. There is no need for players to make forums at outside webpages in order to try and work properly. The game itself should provide this.
My proposal is as follows:
National forum where administrator will be the current CP of the country. He MUST have the ability to create secret sections in the forum in order to consult with gov and/or congress. Not even moderators should have access to these hidden forums. Also give the ability to grant people advanced access to these hidden sectors. 

Alliance forum. Same logic, the SG of alliance will have the admin rights. Participating the declared government of each alliance member, while there will be hidden sectors for advanced members (alliance HQ and whoever SG may wish). Same here, hidden forums cannot be accessed even by game moderators.

There could be party and MU forums, but the 2 above are more useful.

Last but not least, a GAME FORUM. I could have proposed there this thought of mine, where everyone could see and discuss it, where we could have game support, guides ect ect
Do not make same mistakes, games like these, depend on communication and common effort. It's not about individuals, it's about team.

This is it for now, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, some more thoughts about the game


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Μιλας σοφα γεροντα Cheeky
I support that. Smile
Yea... For sure we need at least a National Forum
Respect mate!
good ideas