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Hello Lithuania and friends around the world!
First of all, thanks for everyone helping and supporting me in this first month, it's very good to have the country united and working together! :)

Lithuanian Government:
Prime Minister (Home Affairs and Security): XerTaLT
MoFA (Foreign Affairs): LTUgameris
MoF (Finances): Mindzius
General advisor: Yack

In this team you can trust for a good month!

Foreign Affairs and Wars
In the diplomatic area we have allied with Poland, Estonia and Ukraine. Those countries are our brothers and we shall help them as much as possible, let's build a strong brotherhood!
Of course it's not the only countries we have good relationship. They are our confirmed allies and brothers, Lithuania have friendly relationship with many countries around the globe which will of course be part of our defence priorities! Georgia, Mexico, UK, Philippines and Korea are among our good friends :)

We will be at war with Sweden in few hours! Their southern regions have resources needed for our economy and they also haven't started any contact with us since game's beginning. So my Lithuanian brothers, the time to pick up in arms has come! Let's fight together and with organization, save limits, damage, food and weapons! Come to IRC #erev.lt @rizon or PM me for skype. We shall coordinate our damage and don't waste damage. We also hope to see our allies in battlefield o7

Home Affairs
Our taxes and national companies are still under discussion between our government. We have already proposed a law to donate 200gold to presidential account. The gold will be used exclusively for Lithuanian economy and may be transferred to our Minister of Finances.


We have created our first super MU! Vytautas Legion is a MU for MEN who can handle the raw awesomeness of minerals!
One milk, one banana and one jetfighter and we will bring negative f**k to our enemies!! Join us now :D

Thank you for reading and have a good day everyone!
Hail Lithuania and friends!

See you in battefield o7


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