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Published in Lithuania - Political debates and analysis - 01 May 2016 10:51 - 4

Hello everyone!

My term is ending and a new month is starting. Firstly I would like to thank everyone for the support and help I received. I believe it was a great month for us with the lation very active and involved with the government in chats.

 https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f6/Grand_Duchy_of_Lithuania_banner.svg/125px-Grand_Duchy_of_Lithuania_banner.svg.pngCompanies and discount days
In 7th-8th May companies and training grounds will have 25% of discount for upgrading or building. If you, Lithuanian citizen, have gold to invest in companies and would like to build cooperatives with other Lithuanians, please contact me with your amount of gold and which kind of company you would like to build. If everyone do it I can help you find other people that also share the same interests of you.

If you do not have a Q4 training ground, give priority to upgrading it! Training grounds are very important for the development of your account and it should always be in the highest level.

A Q5 weapon company is already working in Lithuania, in the discount days we will open only 3 or 4 more places for people join. Your gold will be used to build and upgrade tank companies. So if you have interest in joining our commune to receive daily tanks, contact me! 
*It is not a cooperative for profits, our goals are clearly to increase damage of Lithuanian soldiers. It is also not a statal company.

Lithuania is at war with Finland only, once we conquered them the war got closed. But as you can see, they will launch RWs. Fight for Lithuania in the RWs, the enemy is used to buy damage to win the RWs so we advice our soldiers to be always ready to fight in last minutes of battle if necessary. 
When we have no RW, our priority is to help our alliance, ECLIPSE. Coordination of battles and supplies happens in skype, so if you still not present in Lithuanian Skype Group, please message me with your skype nick.

So guys, that was a amazing month and I´m very happy with the results! Lithuania finally built its first high quality weapon companies and soon upgrading it to tanks, we had amazing battles in Kaliningrad and Leningrad Oblast, testing our military organization and winning both of them. We increased our weapon bonus from 40% to 60% and citizens were also very active, I can say we had a fun month and hope next one will also be!

And the most important of all! We are now a monarchy with a Grand Duke!


Thank you for reading!
Grand Duke Walen.



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we should give finnland 1 region, for example southern finnlandSmile