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Hello America,

Waz Sup guys its been a long time since you have heard from you Secretary of Education. Over the last few months I have been working on a project called RENE. RENE or rUSA website contains one of the largest libraries holding million of records from the eWorld. This website is open to anyone and everyone especially american citizens. To protect privacy we are planning to release only itcy bitcy information to the public. The website will include GAMES where If you reach certain amount of point you get Food or weapons(will be added later) from the government. Not only that there will be guides, Job offers from the government, History of the eWorld, History of eAmerica, FAQ(s) about eRev, etc. All of this is open to everyone except that foreign citizens won’t be able to join event{s}(Will be added later) or play games and receive prizes. The site will be updated regularly almost every weekend so keep in touch and pop in the site once in awhile. Their will be events like Free Gold,Food,Weapons, Raw Goods, Cash(USD) later on. Head over there and check it out.


FallenAngelLeroy Combs

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Department of Education:
The website is still under construction so things will be moving around quite a bit
Have voted ! Smile
Nice site.
Great site! We have needed something like this for awhile. Thanks for working on it for us!