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Published in Poland - Social interactions and entertainment - 12 Jan 2016 12:04 - 6 PL EN Ćwir Ćwir Wszystkim i Każdemu Z Osobna! Chirp Chirp Everyone, and Every Single One of You! Hello. This time Polish players may be a little bit irritiated - 100% of the article (not counting the Hello section) will be in English. SPARROWs CORNER

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Sparrows Corner. The rules fo this article pack is simple:
Each time five people from five different countries are answering five random questions from the community. Then, each guest asks one additional question for the rest of guests to answer.

The thing is: No one knows, WHO will be a guest and WHICH questions will be asked. You, readers, are sending the questions. Topic of them is like points in Whose Line is it anyway - doesn´t matter at all. Just post them in comments or send via PM. :)

Because of the First/pilot episode, there were 4 guests and 4 question in the "community" part. Now we´re counting on YOU to send questions. :) OUR GUESTS FOR TODAY

Walen (Lithuania)
Power Girl (Macedonia)
Lalo292 (Mexico)
AlejandroMadrid (Venezuela)

Please tell the readers something about yourselves. How you´ve found eRevol, what are you doing here and maybe something about your real-selves.

Lalo292: Hello. I´m Lalo292, Eduardo in RL. I found about the game in a shout from another game and I kinda decided to give it a try. I really don´t know what to say about me, I really don´t like to tell my age, but I´m pretty young, I like watching series, specially ones related with DC Comics. Batman rules!

Walen: Hi guys, I´ve found eRevol through a shout in another game. I´m here to help developing my nation and to play from the beginning with my friends, expecting it to be more fun than other games of this kind.

Power Girl: One friend from other game invited me. The game is similar to eRepublik but for now is good... In first day have much lations but you will see... By the way, I´m Power Girl from Macedonia. I am 25 years old and like this games..

Alejandro Madrid: First of all, Hello everyone My name is Alejandro, I am a Venezuelan player born in 1996. I´ve been playing games like this since 2008 when I started on eRepublik. But my main stage on this types of games would not appear until I joined vPopulus, and I became the CP of Spain, Netherlands and the Republic of Amsterdam which has became Netherlands 2.0 (Venezuela was not in the game). I LOVE War Strategy, I practice it a lot on my free time alongside learning new languages and doing swiming. I speak both Spanish and English and I desire to learn French, Portuguese and Dutch. I Joined this game because I felt like it would be a fresh start (: and with Venezuela Available I didn´t thought about it twice and simply joined for the fun and exitement of War and Diplomacy. My plan for this game? Becoming CP of Venezuela and making it an EMPIRE!

If you could describe first day situation in two-three sentence, what it would be?
Lalo292: LAGGY +
Walen: More gold.
Power Girl: I think the this game will lose a lot of players because server. It was very slow... Too much lags..
Alejandro Madrid: Hmmm.... Lag and New Beggining.

We have already some training battles between Albania and Venezuela. What is your opinion about the last results? Did some uncommon damage could decide about two main "sides of a conflict" in this game?
Walen: Some players can easily decide battle results once they got advntages, and there is also a huge difference between countries lation.
Lalo292: I kinda expected it, I mean we got most of the powerful contries in this side so it was kinda obvious Venezuela would win.
Power Girl: No. :) I think Venezuela will win.
Alejandro Madrid: This could be the prediction of the lategame. Meaning that A-L countries are by far weaker than most of the lower letter countries. Besides... Venezuela Stronk.

This time we will touch some darker topic... We know there are players, who are joining non-their countries only to became someone important enough to rob the national treasure. So... well... What do you think - how many countries will be robbed that way? Also, could you share some predictions
Walen: I believe many small countries will be robbed and become death countries in the beginning of game, however I really hope it doesn´t happen because the small country will die and a bigger one will become even more strong.
Lalo292: I think the admins should simply block movements, also there are lots of countries with no people. Like in eRep, they´ll get TO´ed.
Power Girl: 50%... There will be many PTOs :D
Alejandro Madrid: This one is easy: Just look for countries with less than 10 lation. 3 people working together can easily take over a party.

Walen: I would like to ask what you guys expect of eRevol foreign affairs, alliances to be formed and important partnerships between some countries :3

Lalo292: I think we´ll see regional alliances fist, specially because there aren´t a lot of players around. I see the UK, USA and Venezuela in the same side for now, and I intend to get Mexico into a partnership with the US.
Power Girl: I don´t know. :D
Alejandro Madrid: Well.. Venezuela itself has received a lot of proposals for alliances, One of the most prominent is the Serbia, US, UK, Ven Alliance which might actually occur later on, thought there´s no 100% confirmation about it yet, it is too early to say. Besides, there´s TOO MANY European countries who have not instaled a provisional government yet, so who knows.

Power Girl: I not have brain?
Walen: Quote this in the article! :D
Alejandro Madrid: Exequivo is Venezuela
Lalo292: Tequila!

Lalo292: What series do you watch?
Alejandro Madrid: One Punch Man :D
Walen: Game of Thrones and Doctor Who.
Power Girl: I´m not watching series.

Alejandro Madrid: What do you guys think: If someone steals the 250 gold from the country account that someone should be banned or not? Why?
Walen: For me if the gold is robbed and the person is banned won´t make difference, as long as the gold is returned to country treasure it´s ok, not even need to ban.
Lalo292: No, it´s technically not against the rules.
Power Girl: Guys I can´t anymore to answering. I must to go now. Jeśli się wam spodobało, nie wahajcie się słać pytań, głosować, prenumerować i dotować! If you like that, don´t forget to send questions, vote, subscribe and endorse!


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