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Greetings citizens,

As you can all see the game is constantly evolving and nicely growing in size, new players are constantly joining and with that we have two news for you.

First we are announcing Company and Workout area discounts. Discount will be available to all players on 7th-8th May and it will be 25% for all Companies and Workout area.

Secondly, our team is in need of more Moderators, and this is where you hardworking players come in play. We are looking for 2 Moderators, one preferably from European time zone and one from any other time zone.

To apply you have to meet certain demands:
-Age above 20 years
-Must have access to a computer at least 2-3 hours a day

-must be active as much as possible

-never been banned

-good English knowledge

-for people applying from European timezone: You must be active and have access to computer in the morning/forenoon

When applying we urge you to write about yourself as much as possible, like where you come from, how old you are, how much time you have, what you do, if you had any previous experience with being a Moderator. The better you introduce yourself, the better chance you have to be selected as a Mod.

Moderators are rewarded each month in gold, the amount of gold payed is determined by the amount of work you put into being a Moderator and how active you are.

If you meet the above demands and would like to participate even more to the game  and you are happy to help, send the application letter to our mail:

Also we have to warn you not to give your pword to anyone as we have found phishing links among community that want to steal your account. Our Team will never ask you for pword, no matter the case, so never share it and if you have any problems with you account use our support mail:

Best regards,
eRevollution Team


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Comments (68)

first Laugh
Arf, i m 19 :/
for homeland o7
great discount
Why not disscount of 50%
Moderators are rewarded each month in gold Are U crazy? Is not a good idea... i hope the newest mod will be better than last who answer to me with an mistake :I Eu mod only for morning? why this discrimination??? And WHEN U add the report button ingame?? P.s.: add another training center for over 100 str., too...
Noice o7
Good Work! o7
Being baned, like 100 times... Cheeky xD
Babo me too ahahha
o7 q5 helis incoming
Konačno da jednom mogu pohvaliti tog Admina Laugh još da stavi bonus na kupnju golda to bi bio pun pogodak
-never been banned GOOOOOD i can be moderator B|
Each month will now be discounts?
pirinç ver admin kardeş evde çocuklar aç aaaçç
Better add Orgs.
If you can find people to work for you for free ........ good for you.
45 % !??
Why next weekend and not this weekend?
Can this can actually be considered as RMT ? ^^ I mean, you pay with game s currency people working for you !
Требали сте дати попуст за 1. мај. Православни Васкрс и Празник рада.
great newz Smile
if i only have time i would apply for mod. lucky you youngerz
So no event this week ??? :/
Admin, no storage discount?
how much money pay for being moderator?
Come on Work for game to make it better we want fun and to enjoy This game
Did the discount applies for Raw Materials Campanies for storage ?
Discounts should be greater and on random bases, i.e. monthly.
i send request hope to accept me i am online 6h/day min
Yeah great launch discount after i upgrade my workout are to q3 :@
can i be moderator?
LOL EU mods have to wake up at dawn, hell no will mess my sleep that early.
paid, not payed
Détails and prices of the discount
Ahhhhh soooo sad I am still 18 will turn 19 soon Kiss(
729 sub
I want to be moderator, Plato can help you
Its kinda silly or even sad that they use gmail email rather than creating proper with domain name.
a da vratite 25% onima koji su vec uradili ugrade tc-a?
Konačno da jednom mogu pohvaliti tog Admina Laugh još da stavi bonus na kupnju golda to bi bio pun pogodak x2 + da uvedu plačanje preko mobilnog telefona e to bi tek bio pun pogodak na kvadrat Smile
I am 22 it s good Laugh
#VotePlato2016 #MakeErepublikGreatAgain