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Hello again eJapan!

So we have been looking at your responses of the Japan national census, and up to the time this article is being published there are 37 of you who have had responded. Based on your responses, almost 90% of you are working at state owned companies and only 4 who are not.


When you are a citizen of a country like Japan where most of its players are already working for Government or Military Unit (MU) employers, it would be a challenge to find workers for your own companies. One way to attract others to work at your company is by offering salaries on the job market higher than the other employers have offered.

But, if all employers are all thinking this way, then the nominal of salaries being offered on the job market will keep rising and rising. If the salary rise is left uncontrolled, it will negatively affect the country economy in general. Because higher salary means higher production cost, and in turn, higher production cost would make the price of produced goods more expensive.



How Many Workers Do You Need?

The Japanese Government had known about this situation. They wanted to give solutions for bosses and company owners who need workers. In the same time, they also want to solve the problem with the rising salary.

So the Government finally came up with a solution. The Government will provide workers for your companies as long as your companies are what Japan really needs, and as long as you agree to accept some conditions.


Conditions for Bosses:

a. Filling this form.
b. When qualified, you agree to put a fixed salary of 45 JPY on the job market.
c. When the Government has sent you the workers, you agree to send screenshots or reports of your workers activities on regular basis to the Government.*

(*) This condition will help the Government in determining which of the workers will get daily bonuses and which of them will not.

Consider these two things to get higher chance in getting qualified:

✔ The type of your company. The more it will benefit the Japan as a whole, the more chance you will get chosen.
✔ The quality of your company. The higher the quality, the better. Less raw needed, higher quality produced. Also higher chance to get qualified.


Workers With Benefits

I have been chatting with the Japanese Government officials since the last two or three days. They are very concerned with the well being of the workers. The Government want to make sure that every worker will get additional benefits, more than just daily salary.


So through this article, the Japanese Government are calling out all potential and interested workers who want to participate in this Governmental program. In return, you as a worker will get these following benefits:

✔ Standard 45 JPY daily salary from your employer/boss
✔ Additional 10 JPY daily bonus from Government
✔ Additional 200 energy bonus every day, also from Government

Conditions for Workers:

a. Filling this form.
b. Not a member of Amaterasu MU.
c. Ready to be placed under a boss that the Government specified.


There you have it guys. Whether you are a company owner who are looking for workers, or a worker who are looking for something better than just standard daily salaries, then don't miss this great opportunity that the Japanese Govt. has provided you with.

Expect more Governmental programs in the next articles and I can assure you that it would bring you Japanese citizens more benefits and fortunes. Until then :)



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