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My Fellow eAmericans,

It's good to see so many familiar faces from another game (which shall not be mentioned). Being a part of a new country at the very beginning is exciting, and I'm thrilled to see so much activity. Allow me to briefly introduce myself.

I'm an old guy - 30 - and really enjoy these type of community-based geopolitical strategy games. My favorite part has got to be the community aspect. You really can't be successful in these types of games without working together toward common goals, getting to know your fellow players, and making yourself known in turn.  I play during the day while at work (so am hit or miss sometimes in my immediate responses.) In RL I am a technical sales rep for a large metropolitan area, so I am always at a computer. Games such as this one have helped me hone my software and basic html coding skills, which is kind of a side perk.

Enough about me. We have a country to run! I was asked by our first President to serve as Secretary of Media, which is some trick, considering what a media mogul he is himself. If you don't know him yet, get to know Biohaze and subscribe to his paper, the ZT Insider. I am familiar with his work, ethics, and character, and think we have made a wise choice.

We are all figuring this game out, so let's collaborate, make each other better, and make the eUSA the best it can be. Right off the bat, I'd like to share some things I've stumbled into that I would do DIFFERENTLY, given the chance. Please learn from my mistakes, and don't do this:

    Got into the Housing market too soon
When I had the extra gold, I got lured into building a house factory, which also means I had to build a sand mine. What I didn't realize was that you have to have substantial storage to make this enterprise work, at least 2000 minimum, but probably 3000+ to be realistic. If I was starting over, I would invest in the 9k storage first!

    Overpriced my wares
I think we're all just trying to guess what the market will support at the moment. But starting out, wages are cheap, and products are abundant. I wish I would not have charged quite so much at first, because some small fortunes were made at the offset by those who found reasonable rates and went with them. Lesson learned.

    Stayed off the IRC channel.
For those that are new to these sorts of games, you may be wondering how the heck people get to know each other, make plans, and connect. The central shout board is akin to the trading floor of Wall Street; how can you even process what people are saying??? I knew better, but I wasn't super active in the IRC Chat room the first couple of days. Please take my advice and sign up! Get to know your fellow citizens, and maybe even land a government job! Here's the link:

Stay cly, e America!

Secretary of the Media


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The first months there will be only food required by the market. Nobody will care about weapons or houses for a long long time. Any investment at those is for the moment unprofitable and rather stupid decision.
Well, thanks for that... :/
Just trying to save the rest of you the trouble. Smile