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Dear eJapan citizens,

Let me introduce myself. My IGN is Moers, currently I am the Governor of eIndonesia and at the same time the Chairman of KADIN (Indonesian Chambers of Commerce).

As per your Emperor request, Shiro, I am to temporarily assist the Japanese government in the economy field. While waiting for your government to appoint a new Governor, there are some tasks that Shiro has appointed me to fulfill:

a. to organize the workers (employees) and categorize them for more focused production in certain industries,
b. registration of employees under an organization similar to KADIN, which in the future will bring benefits to its members by conducting industrial cooperation with foreign entities, and
c. to somehow stabilize the local Monetary market.


Hopefully with all your participation, the Japan citizens, we can fulfill these tasks together, one step at a time.


First National Census

At this moment what we need from all of you is your participation in the first national census by filling this following form. The goal of this first national census is to estimate the number of Japanese who are currently working at state owned companies (and who are not). Also the census will try to get the general estimation of all companies owned by Japan citizens, as well as determine their main production companies.

The compilation of data from this census will then be used for further economic plans and policies which suit the eJapan and its citizens best.

So go ahead, participate in the first Japan National Census by filling this form:

https:// /csHPkk

PS: The duration of this national census extends from day 107 to day 109 eRevollution time.


Thank you for taking part in this national census :)




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